A Place in the Sun: Ben Hillman backtracks on hair joke

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Ben Hillman posted a gruesome reenactment of the metal rod in his thumb being removed, after he dislocated it while on holiday. The Place in the Sun presenter was left with bone sticking out of his skin after the horror accident on day one of his trip. 

He posted a photo of himself looking decidedly nervous at Worthing Hospital.

“4 weeks on from the accident and the metal rod is coming out,” he wrote. 

Next, he posted a video of a reenactment of the rod being pulled out with some rusty pliers while he squealed. 

“And I didn’t even get a sticker for bravery,” he moaned, but added: “Thank you #NHS”.

Ben then posted a side by side comparison of his thumbs, with the formerly dislocated one looking a lot bigger and less wrinkled than the other.

“My thumb seems to have grown,” he wrote. 

Ben previously explained to his 14.2k followers that he suffered the grisly injury on a water slide. 

He posted a grumpy-looking photo from his hospital bed, showing off his plate of beige food. 

“Not the French cuisine I had in mind for 1st day of our family holiday!!” he groaned. 

“Managed to acquire an open fracture/dislocation on the water slide, and for those not in the know that means the bone was sticking out the skin,” the grimacing TV fave added.

“Word to the wise, don’t forget your travel insurance this summer. Have fun out there guys.”

Further photos showed an X-ray of his hand, which had been firmly bandaged up.

“Hats off to the French healthcare/emergency services,” the star sadly declared.

Ben had been enjoying a family holiday in France with his wife Gaby and daughters Hope Blossom and Honour Willow, when disaster struck.

However, he confirmed it had still been a fun trip regardless.

Posting a series of smiley snaps in the sunny location, he wrote: “Oh what fun we had!!! 

“Despite the obvious setback of spending the first night in hospital we had the most amazing family holiday in Brittany and the Dordogne. 

“We will be returning asap, even found our ideal holiday home spot so I better get saving!”

In another photo, he could be seen letting his wife rub in his suncream.

“Not milking this broken thumb at all, promise!!!” he quipped. 

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