It's hard to believe that a sponge could become an icon of the beauty industry, but Beautyblender has done it. It took the confusing and expensive world of makeup brushes and presented a streamlined solution: one expanding, multi-use application sponge. The bright pink teardrop-shaped Beautyblender has now become an MVP and a frequently spotted character in makeup bags, TikTok videos, and makeup tutorials. Recently, the Beautyblender made an appearance in supermodel and SBLA brand ambassador Christie Brinkley's routine.

In a video posted on her Instagram, Brinkley begins by explaining that the tips she is going to share are pretty good for everyone, but "especially for women over 50 who are looking for ways to just look a little fresh, fast." Following two skincare steps, Brinkley brings out her pink Beautyblender. She explains to her followers that using a Beautyblender will ensure your makeup is smooth and doesn't end jarringly on your jawline. 

Beautyblender Original Beautyblender

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There are innumerable techniques and methods for using the Beautyblender but Brinkley starts by wetting the sponge with warm water, which allows it to expand before applying two shades of foundation. She uses a lighter foundation under her eyes —  akin to using a concealer, and then uses a dark shade under her cheek before blending the excess on her forehead and down her neck and decolletage. 

The Beautyblender needs no introduction, but here's a refresher on why Brinkley and 12,000 five-star Amazon reviewers are fans. There are a slew of cheaper, off-brand versions but many reviewers say they just don't live up to the original. One wrote, "I am over 45 and have wrinkles and large pores. Whenever I use this to apply my makeup, it looks 10 times better." The original Beautyblender is the pink 2-inch sponge but there are tons of new color variations, as well as smaller versions for a more precise and controlled application.

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