Simon Cowell bike crash: Amanda Holden gives update

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Celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna has told how he may have to read one of his own best-selling books after putting on weight in lockdown. Speaking exclusively to, the best pal of Britain’s Got Talent boss Simon Cowell, 58, spoke candidly about the effect that lockdown has had on him and his waistline.

I’ve put on a few pounds, I think I might have to read one of my own books

Paul McKenna

The author of hit book I Can Make You Thin told how he spent lockdown in his London home with his wife-of-six-years, Kate.

Speaking candidly about life in lockdown, Paul admitted that it took some getting used to.

He said: “Well, overall, I’ve been okay, like everybody, there are days where we felt anxious or felt a bit down.

“Because, frankly, if you didn’t have some of that over the last few years, there’d be something wrong because the world’s upside down.

“So normally, I tour the world doing motivational events, or teaching people hypnosis or personal change.

“And I’ve had to sit here, turn all the lights on, turn on the camera, and I talk to either individuals, or big groups, or whatever,” he added.

Paul continued: “You know, it’s not been entirely bad in fact, obviously, compared to some people who don’t live as well as us here in the Western world.”

Paul and Kate both contracted Covid in October 2020 and found that the illness left them with no energy.

He explained: “So both my wife and I had the virus, we weren’t terribly ill, we were just incredibly tired for a couple of days.”

However, the best-selling author told how staying at home meant he had the chance to hone his culinary skills in the kitchen.

Paul went on: “Like everyone, we’ve had to adjust, we’ve had to change our lifestyle, I’ve become quite good at cooking actually.

“I’ve put on a few pounds, I think I might have to read one of my own books,” he added.

Despite having to redefine how he worked, the star added that he managed to see the positive in the situation.

“I tend to be a very optimistic person generally,” Paul admitted.

He explained: “So even when things might be rough, like, I sort of say, what’s the benefit in this?”

Speaking about his experiences with Covid, Paul said: “I’ve never felt tired like that.

“I mean, I had it for months afterwards, I’d be sitting like in a meeting or filming something and I go, ‘I’ve got to stop thinking of it.’

“And I’d sit back and I would just close my eyes and go into a deep sleep for half an hour.

“Then I’d wake up, and then I was okay.

“And I’ve never had anything like that in my life. So that was, that was the negative side of it,” he admitted.

Paul’s new book Positivity: Confidence, Resilience, Motivation is in stores now.

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