A WOMAN was left stunned after being given a huge list of rules at her Airbnb- including how to use the shower curtain and using the wrong cups.

TikTok user Tiffany shared the video, which has been watched more than 1.6m times.

She said in the video: "My most recent Airbnb host had a few controlling quirks.

"Before you even walk in, you get hit with a huge information guide on what to do and you have to take it off the dor and hang it on the inside.

"Next is the amount of information given every moment after that, in every way possible, in every part of the room.

"My favourite of all the information pieces? She draws a picture of the remote control and teaches you how to use each button.

"There is even a note on how to use the vent and how to use the storage bins."

Another thing she was doing wrong, according to the host, was using the wrong glass to drink from.

She continued: "One of my top favourites was […] using the wrong cup to drink my water."

Even having a simple shower had its own rules.

Tiffany finished: "Another good one – you want to move the shower curtain left to right? No, it has to be right to left."

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She joked at the end: "Hope I slept here correctly."

Many were left stunned by the number of rules.

One person wrote: "Wow? Maybe let’s not lend out our space if we’re control freaks."

Someone else agreed: "It’s so stressful to stay there."

Another person shared their own similar experience: "I left an Airbnb in Cleveland over a person like this – and got a refund. I’m here to be comfortable … not feel like I’m being watched."

Some people thought some of the rules were helpful.

One woman wrote: "Ok, over the top obviously, but I would appreciate clear instructions on how to use things like the remote control."

Someone else said: "This genuinely brings me comfort. I always feel like I’m not doing anything right so I appreciate the instructions."

Another person added: "I promise they do that because they’ve been pestered with all those questions before."

Tiffany later told people to "lighten up," adding: "This is intended to be funny, I am not upset, I am not talking badly about her and do not harm her! Please!"

Earlier this year, a mum of two on holiday in the UK divided opinion after she was given a bad Airbnb rating for using the owner's Netflix account.

And another woman was left stunned by an "inappropriate" Airbnb request – which asked her to water the flowers twice a day.

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