A WOMAN has revealed how she managed to tackle her addiction to lip filler by getting Botox instead, but notes it comes at a price.

Influencer, Jade, from LA, California, posted the video to her TikTok account, jadeswildparty, where it has been viewed over 250k times.

Jade, 23, who used to get lip fillers injected to get her desired lip shape, now uses a newer procedure called lip flips.

Lip flips are growing increasingly popular, as it does not require any filler and costs a fraction of the price.

Instead of injecting filler into the lips to enhance the shape, this procedure involves injecting Botox into your upper lip, which relaxes the muscles and 'flips' the lip upwards to create a fuller-looking pout.

Whilst Jade is happy with the results and loves the way a lip flip makes her lips look, there is one small issue involved.

Jade can no longer drink through a straw normally now.

In the video, Jade shows how she has cannot grip the straw in the middle of her mouth and has to push it right to the side of her lips to be able to drink from it.

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Some users have trolled Jade saying she has had too much work done, one wrote: "No more (injections) in her face."

Jade responded saying: "I understand if people don't like fillers but I don't understand when people use it as a reason to hate on others or to not like me.

"It's just bizarre, and the fact people are commenting this on Thanksgiving.

"Make it make sense."

But many users loved the look of the lip flip and came to jade's defense, one wrote: "OMG so lip flip with Botox gives the same effect as fillers? I was thinking of getting it too!"

"I tried eating cereal and looked in the mirror when I get mine they looked mental, still gonna do it again though all about the flip and no filler." replied another user.

A third user exclaimed: "It took me like a week to feel like I could eat or drink without looking ridiculous."

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