A WOMAN has caused debate after revealing that she had left two of her friends stranded on holiday after their flights were cancelled.

In a lengthy post on Reddit, the 20-year-old explained that she had been away having a “great time” at a music festival for six nights with three female pals.

However, on the final day, while one of their friends had got up at 7am to catch a train home, the remaining girls in the group had awoken at 9am to discover their flight was cancelled.

The woman explained that – once it transpired that they would have to stay in a hotel half-an-hour outside the city where they were visiting for another three nights – she knew “100% I had to go home”, and asked her parents to book her a new flight at 6pm that day.

She told the girl and their other friend at 10.30am that she was leaving them and “they were both quiet and you could just feel the tension in the room”.

The friend who she was desperate to get away from told her: “That's so fake I would never do that to my friends, I can't believe you're just gonna abandon us here like that.”


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She apologised but insisted that she just wanted to get home that day, and after an awkward taxi drive to the airport she made it home safe that night.

The woman added: “I feel guilty now because the airline keeps messing up their hotel and now they're kinda just stuck not knowing what to do until Friday and I know that there's still tension between all of us.”

She asked fellow Reddit users whether she had been unreasonable for leaving them, particularly since they couldn’t afford her pricier flight meaning they had to stay – causing vastly different responses on the forum.

One person replied: “What are you, their mother? Abandon them? They are grown a** women. Your friend…is being ridiculous and acting like a child…your friend needs to grow up.”

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Another agreed, noting: “I have a friend like this too, one who just blows for small reasons and just tells it like it is. These are exhausting people. And no, you’re not the a**hole.”

However, a third pointed out: “Why do you associate with someone you can't spend an extended amount of time with?

"I could get trapped in a cold cellar for a month with any of my friends and not feel the need to escape them.

And many thought she should have included them in her plan to get the pricier same-day flight, without assuming they’d prefer to say, with one commenting: “Let THEM decide how expensive it is without you deciding for them and not even giving them the option.”

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