From a shooting to a bomb threat, a Hooters waitress has revealed just how crazy her job can get.

Brenda Perez, 23, from Miami, Florida, has also opened up about what the customers are really like and what she usually makes in tips.

The law student has worked for the American restaurant chain for two years – and it never gets boring.

She works there part-time so that she can graduate from school debt-free.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: “Every day is definitely a new story and occasionally we get some celebrities coming in. Just the other day Jason Derulo came in with his girl and kid.

“Then other days, we’re pulled into the parking lot while a bomb squad scopes out the building because someone left a note in the men's bathroom saying they planted a bomb in the restaurant.

“Another time we had a car drive by and shoot at us with an AK filled with water pellets, it was so realistic everyone, including customers, ducked under tables and behind bars like we were in a Quentin Tarantino movie.”

It may shock people but Brenda says the majority of customers that come to her location are families and couples.

“Don’t get me wrong, we definitely get the stereotypical men who push their luck but it’s not as typical as most would think,” she explained.

“It’s kinda funny though, sometimes a parent will come in shielding their child’s eyes asking if we allow kids. Hooters is definitely a family restaurant.”

This being said, it doesn’t mean that everyone she deals with is polite and respectful.

Sometimes customers can be less-than-ideal.

“I don’t like the superiority complex some customers get when they’re dealing with young female servers or the way they feel entitled to our conversation and attention,” she said.

“I mean, do you expect your server at Olive Garden to flirt with you for three hours?”

As Brenda is currently studying law, she loves the flexibility that working at Hooters provides her.

She says there aren’t many jobs that will allow her to drop a shift if she can’t work last minute or if she wants to pick up an extra shift for more money.

The brunette beauty continued: “I love that you walk out with cash in your pocket every day as opposed to waiting two weeks for your paycheck.

“However, I don’t like the unreliability of tips. It’s rare but there have been shifts where I walk out with less than $20 which isn’t even enough to cover the gas it took to get there.”

On an average day, Brenda will walk home with $150 to $200 in tips.

On slower days, she’ll receive closer to $100 and on a busy day, she can push $300 to $400.

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