A WOMAN has sparked debate online after revealing that she plans to ditch her unwell friend and go on holiday by herself, even though the pair originally planned to take the trip together.

The friend she was due to take the trip with injured her wrist and has been advised by doctors not to go on the holiday.

However, the woman said she didn't see "a good reason" why she should have to cancel and risk losing money.

She reached out for advice on parenting forum Mumsnet to see what others would do in the situation.

She wrote: "I booked, ages ago, to go on a week's cruise with a friend, who this week has fallen and badly broken her wrist.

"She has said she still wants to come, but the medics are advising against it as they need to operate, after which she'll have her arm in a sling as well as a cast, to stop her hand moving.

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"Unfortunately her travel insurers have said she's not covered, so she's asked if I'd agree to move our booking to another date. The booking is in my name, it had to be one or the other.

"I'm just selling my house right now, and was looking forward to a break before the actual move takes place. I've also booked and paid for parking, plus a deposit to kennel my dogs.

"It's really not the right time for me to change it, her insurer has very damning reviews on Trustpilot, but in all honesty I don't see a good reason for me to lose money to compensate for her dilemma.

"So either she comes against medical advice, and runs the risk of becoming more unwell, or doesn't come and loses her money, or I change the date and lose monies already committed to parking etc?"

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Some people seemed shocked by the woman's behaviour, suggesting she wasn't exactly behaving like a good friend.

One said: "Depends on whether you care more about your friend or going on holiday on your own, because you’ll be doing a lot of holidaying on your own in future if that’s how you treat your friends."

Another agreed that it didn't seem like a fair decision, saying: "I didn’t realise she would lose her money if you didn’t move the dates. That doesn’t seem right."

Others however were less sympathetic towards her injured friend and said she should probably just go on the holiday.

One said: "I would go anyway. Suggest you plan another holiday when she is better. She should not go without insurance."

Another wrote: "It’s not your fault. I think you should go. It’s unreasonable for her to hold it against you."

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This woman was also hoping to ditch her friend who had invited herself on their family holiday.

Another woman wanted to take just one of her kids on holiday while leaving the other at home.

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