A FITNESS trainer and back pain specialist has revealed a cheap and simple way she stays pain free during plane journeys.

Cramped economy class seats are rarely good for posture, but there are ways of minimising the effect they have on our spines.

One cheap method, involving two tennis balls and a sock, was revealed by Laura Coleman (@laura.coleman27) on Instagram.

The trainer, who specialises in relieving back pain and injury recovery, told her followers to first place the tennis balls into the sock, before using the makeshift device to ease tightness.

In a video, she said: “Here’s something I tell my clients when they’re traveling or getting in their car.

“Take two tennis balls, put them in a sock. Take that sock, put it in the middle of your back.

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"It doesn't matter where, just put it anywhere from the bottom of the shoulder blades to the top of the hips and dig in."

Laura demonstrated how she uses the device with her car seat, but said she recommends using it during flights as well.

She continued: "It helps break loose the middle of your back which gets super tight if you're stuck sitting, especially on a long trip and especially on an airplane."

The advice was well received by Laura's 2,600+ followers, receiving more than 37,000 likes.

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One person commented: "I did this on the 18hr flight – totally recommend."

Another said: "Helps for sciatic pain too."

A third added: "Love this! It helps so much."

Other experts have weighed in on how passengers can relieve back pain while flying.

In a recent thread on Reddit, a passenger reached out to flight attendants, asking how they could make themselves more comfortable on an upcoming flight.

And they received a load of advice from those he was asking, with plenty of good tips available.

One cabin crew member wrote: "I have a small, blow up, fold up camping pillow I take on flights, it folds down to a fist and is so comfortable as a lumbar pillow.

"I don’t travel without it."

A second flight attendant said that asking for hot water for a hot water bottle was never a problem, nor was stretching in the galley.

They wrote: "It would be fine to ask for ice/hot water, they can probably fashion an ice pack from a couple of Ziploc bags and galley wipes.

"Standing/stretching in the galley is also welcome, but please ask first."

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Meanwhile, this £9 item can also help relieve back pain when flying.

And this health expert revealed how they avoid jet lag and back pain whenever they go on a plane.

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