DUBAI has undoubtedly been the most popular holiday destination for Brits during the pandemic, with families and celebs alike flocking to the UAE city.

However, there are new travel restrictions in place for Brits on holiday – we've explained what you need to know if heading to the city for a trip after lockdown.

Can I go on holiday to Dubai right now?

Right now, no – the entire country is under the lockdown restrictions which prohibits any non-essential travel abroad.

This excludes for work reasons, meaning many celebrities and influencers working with brands have been seen there.

However, before the lockdown, anyone in Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 was allowed to travel abroad.

Only Tier 4 residents were banned from travelling abroad.

The UK lockdown will be reviewed in February but may be extended to March.

Do I need to have a coronavirus test to enter Dubai?

This depends on whether you are happy to quarantine on your arrival.

According to the UK government advice, you can have a negative Covid PCR test taken up to 96 hours before travelling, or get tested on arrival at Dubai airport.

However, if you get tested on arrival, you will have to quarantine until you have your results.

The government also warns that the airport may decide to test you even if you have a negative test.

There are different rules for the rest of the UAE, so check the latest restrictions before travelling.

Do I need to quarantine when I am back in the UK?

No you don't as the country is on the UK air bridge list meaning you will not have to quarantine when back in the UK.

However, new rules being introduced next week mean anyone returning to the UK, even Brits, will have to have a negative coronavirus test to show on arrival.

This must be taken no more than 72 hours before departing your holiday destination, and is needed for all arrivals, even if from an air bridge country.

What are the coronavirus restrictions while in Dubai?

The city does not have many restrictions in place due to coronavirus, unlike other destinations.

Social distancing must be followed, along with mandatory face masks when away from your accommodation including in public.

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