A TRAVEL influencer has revealed the big mistakes she sees tourists making all the time, and how they can avoid them.

The advice ranges from how to pack to the right way to use your phone.

In a video on Tiktok, travel influencer Nikki (@nikkionherway) explained how they can make trips much easier in the future.

Her first tip is to pack only carry on luggage, rather than using check-in, to limit time spent waiting in airports and to reduce both the chances of luggage getting lost and baggage fees.

She said: "The reason I will never check a suitcase is one, it's expensive and two you're probably going to lose it, especially in the current climate.

"Also, you just have to lug around this massive piece of checked baggage and it's just a waste of time, money and space."

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Nikki's second tip is to avoid eating American-style fast food in different countries.

She claims that it's a sure-fire way to lose money on poor quality food, while also missing out on a key part of travel.

She continued: "I'm thinking particularly like Texmex. Don't do it. It's bad and it's usually more expensive, especially in further away places where it's not similar to the local cuisine.

"Why are you even travelling if you just want to eat American food?"

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Third on Nikki's list of things to avoid was bringing impractical clothing, which she feels can hamper her moods while travelling.

She said: "This is packing an Instagram wardrobe of just cutesy little dresses and stuff.

"The day I want to wear comfortable clothes, I'll literally have nothing to wear that doesn't make me feel horrible.

"You want to love the clothes you bring travelling with you, or else you're going to be a bit miserable."

Finally, Nikki advises buying local sim cards when going abroad to avoid paying roaming costs on her home network.

She said: "I get charged $10 (£8.40) per day while travelling internationally. That adds up.

"You can do it for so much cheaper, like when I was travelling for six months, I would get sim cards everywhere.

"We would spend $10-15 (£8-13) and get multiple gigs of data and it got us through the entire time we were in each country."

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