A TIKTOKER has revealed how they save money on hand luggage whenever they fly with Ryanair.

Paying for extra baggage is one of the more annoying holiday costs, but there are ways around forking out too much to take everything you want on holiday.

A Tiktok user known simply as Jazz (@lifeofjazz__) revealed how she manages to cut back on hand luggage fees when booking Ryanair flights online.

She said that instead of adding extra luggage when you are first offered the chance to on the website or app, you should instead decline that option.

You will then get a cheaper chance to add baggage later in the booking process.

In a video Jazz said: "Never select the first option airlines give you to add cabin baggage. Always wait until the end.

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"Basically, what these airlines do is that they allocate your seat. Seat allocation is not required. So you're going to go ahead and wait all the way until the end.

"You're going to put in your name, you're going to put in all the details they require, and then you're going to go ahead and you're going to say you do not want your seat to be allocated. You want random allocation.

"Then you're going to be taken to a page and it's going to show you that you can actually get priority and two cabin bags for £12.50 instead of £22.85."

The tip impressed other Tiktok users, some of whom already saved money with it.

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One said: "This is actually good to know thanks for sharing I saved it."

A second wrote: "Thank you, you saved me £30!"

A third added: "I’ll be booking my holiday in the next few days, thanks for saving me a few Euros."

Other passengers try and avoid the baggage fees in a different way, with more risky 'hacks'.

One woman received praise after she filmed herself sneaking an extra backpack onto a plane.

She was seen boarding the flight with a small bag on her back hidden underneath her jacket.

The woman shared a video of her trick to Tiktok, where she posts as @hannahdeeksabroad.

She captioned the video: "Ryanair are notorious for charging their passengers if they’re over the hand luggage allowance.

"I managed to get this extra bag on board containing 4 x books, a pair of sandals and a bag of protein powder."

The woman is not the only passenger to have hidden bags under their clothes to get them on board without paying.

Mica, who is known on Tiktok as @nyb.rmg, showed how she strapped a bag to the front of her body, which she then covered with a hoodie and a thick coat.

The video was captioned: "I refuse to pay $60 for carry on" suggesting she saved around £51 with the hack.

The trick seemed to work, with Mica later filming herself next to the plane, having made it past gate staff.

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Meanwhile, this traveller showed how to use a pillow to get even more of your stuff onto the plane.

Other people have described a suitcase-free method of packing as a "genius" way to save on weight allowances.

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