FREQUENT flyers will know there are many annoying things passengers do when you're on a plane.

From being too noisy to hogging the armrest – there are countless ways people can irritate you during your journey.

But a new survey by Only Wanderlust has revealed the 20 most annoying passengers – and if you're one of them you might need to change your bad habits.

The number one thing passengers do which annoys their fellow flyers is kick the seat in front of them.

Anyone who has caught a flight will know how frustrating it is when someone kicks your seat – especially if you're too polite to turn round and tell them to stop, so you just have to endure it.

Number two on the list was passengers who smell bad, in at number three was passengers who talk loudly and number four was when people lean or pull your seat.

Coming in at number five was a habit quite a lot of passengers have when they take a flight – being tipsy or drunk.

Getting a pint at the airport, regardless of the time of day, comes as standard for a lot of flyers, which might lead to them annoying their fellow passengers if they're drunk when they board.

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Rounding out the top 10 most annoying things passengers do were reclining their seat in front of you, wearing strong perfume, snoring, having a crying baby and not wearing a face mask properly.

Also making the top 20 were people who clap when the plane lands and people who take their shoes off.

The 20 most annoying plane passengers

  1. The Kicker – your seat being kicked
  2. The Stinker – a passenger with bad body odour
  3. The Loud and Proud – other passengers talking loudly
  4. The Leaner – your seat being pulled or leaned on
  5. The Drunk Flyer – drunk or tipsy flyers
  6. The Noisy Kid – crying babies or children
  7. The Recliner – the seat in front of you reclining
  8. The Scented – a passenger wearing strong perfume or cologne
  9. The Not-So-Masked – passengers not wearing their masks properly
  10. The Loud Sleeper – a passenger snoring
  11. The Stinky Feet – a passenger removing socks or shoes
  12. The Eager – passengers standing and getting bags as soon as the plane lands
  13. The BYO Meal – a passenger bringing on smelly food
  14. The Weak Bladder – people getting out of their seats regularly
  15. The Chatty Cathy – your neighbour talking to you through the flight
  16. The Armrest Hog – your neighbour taking up all of the armrest
  17. The Too Relaxed – a passenger putting their feet up on or between your seat
  18. The Clapper – passengers applauding when the plane lands
  19. The Manspreader – passengers spreading their legs
  20. The Night Owl – bright phone or tablet screens on night flights

A flight attendant has revealed the three most annoying things passengers do on a plane.

Dave Anica said the most infuriating things passengers do is ask stupid questions, standing up when they should be seated and asking why the toilet door is locked.

Another flight attendant explained why passengers' toilet habits are driving her mad.

Sid Hogan shared a video on Tiktok explaining how irritating she finds it when passengers stand up while flight attendants are wheeling the drinks trolley down the aisle.

If you do any of these nine things on holiday then you're an embarrassing Brit abroad.

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