GOING on a long flight post-Covid isn't much fun, with more checks and rules to follow.

One difficult change is wearing a face mask on a plane – although thankfully one expert has revealed how to make this much easier.

While most airlines require passengers to wear face masks at all times, they can quickly become uncomfortable when wearing them for hours on end.

Travel expert Immanuel Debeer, who often shares his best travel tips on his website Flight Hacks, explained how to stop the masks from hurting your ears while wearing them.

He said in the Instagram video: "This mask hack will save your ears when flying. Watch and learn."

The trick is to wear large over-ear headphones, and putting the mask straps over the ears of the device, rather than your own ears.

This keeps the mask on, but without digging into your head.

Social media users praised the clever idea, with one person saying: "This is so handy."

Another person agreed: "Definitely the best way to cut noise and wear a mask at the same time!"

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A dentist has revealed how to make surgical masks even more protective against Covid which involves folding the mask in half, and tying a knot on either side.

And a mum has shared her clever Covid mask hack to stop her glasses from steaming up.

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