NEXT time you are struggling to fit everything in your suitcase, there is a £1 item that will save you space.

Making sure you have the right clothes for your trip can be tricky, especially if you think there might be both hot weather and rain.

A raincoat can take up lots of space, and feel like a waste if it ends up not raining on your trip.

But there is nothing worse than being caught in a shower without any form of protection.

A frequent traveller has revealed that instead of taking a bulky coat, he opts for a single-use poncho instead.

Sharing his top travel hacks on Reddit, he wrote: "Instead of a thick raincoat, bring a 'single use’ poncho.

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"You can totally use these dozens of times on a single trip."

The single-use ponchos can often be found at theme parks when going on wet rides or when it's raining.

Not only are they lightweight, but they are also good to wear in a hot country when it is raining, but still hot weather.

However, they can be bought online for a fraction of the price, with some costing as little as £1.

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They take up very little room as they fold nearly flat in their package.

Not only is it a space-saver, but you can always chuck it out after using it or even leave it behind in your hotel if you don't end up using it.

Amazon has a pack of five ponchos for £4.99, working out to £1 each.

Another £1 item travellers swear by is duct tape.

Ashley Kosciolek said it was a life-saver when her suitcase arrived broken on her holiday and it can even be used for attaching paper luggage tags removing lint and mending torn clothing.

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