A MAN who works at book and stationery store The Works has revealed the most ridiculous things customers have said to him.

He took to The Works' TikTok page to share a video detailing the hilarious remarks.

"Do you want a £1 shopper with that?" he frequently has to ask customers.

But, on occasion, they've been known to say: "Yeah yeah, how much are they?"

"Er, £1," he replies, looking bemused.

At the store they also have to deal with returns.

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But sometimes people come up with some bizarre reasons for bringing items back, as he detailed in another skit.

"I’d like to return this book please," he said, as the customer.

"Yeah, may I ask why you’re returning it?" the assistant replied, to which the customer answered: "I didn’t like the ending".

"Never a dull moment," the video was captioned.

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"haha those are classics, it's fun to work in TheWorks," one person commented on the clip.

"yeah get that all the time," another laughed.

As a third commented: "Nothing surprises me with some people."

"I once worked at The Works," someone else wrote.

"Someone asked 'So, where are your books?'. Another asked for frozen chickens."

"I don’t mind refunding books but some people treat stores like a library," another commented.

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