If you’re 21 or older, Natural Light is offering to fatten your pockets this summer with a job some of us saw growing up — running a lemonade shack. 

The paid internship entails managing the Natty Light Lemonade Shack and “hawking” the brand’s newest Naturdays product, strawberry lemonade and pineapple lemonade Naturdays Frozen Icicles, to earn $40 an hour with a possible bonus of $25,000. 

The brand is looking for an individual who is “Natty-Qualified” and who can manage all aspects of the lemonade shack, scope summer locations and create content for social media. 

The job will begin in June, and the first location of the traveling lemonade shack will be announced on Natural Light’s social media.

Interested applicants need only to create a sales pitch of 30 seconds or less on social media and use hashtags #NattyIntern and #Contest. 

Here are a few videos from applicants pitching to get the job:

I’ll be waiting @naturallight#nattyintern#Contest#Entry shout out @ItsyaboiG_ for filming this👌🏼 https://t.co/j3JxPCanG4pic.twitter.com/r0AgC7hFSf

RT if you think @naturallight can just stop their intern search now. 🦩👀#NattyIntern#Contest#NATURDAYSpic.twitter.com/dzrFT9C99T

Out here acting natural.🍋🦩🍻 #NattyIntern#Contestpic.twitter.com/bPs74MzcpZ

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