Being a celebrity is (presumably) tough, so it makes sense that most A-listers date other celebs to help them get through the experience. Who better to understand the relentless scrutiny and clamoring fans than a famous fellow person? However, some Hollywood stars opt for a partner outside of the limelight, and TBH, it’s pretty refreshing when it happens. There are more celebrities who are married to normal people — or, you know, people who aren’t household names — than you may realize, and their love stories are oh-so adorable. And fans have even more celeb-and-normal-person pairings to look forward to in the future, too.

After dating a string of high-profile peeps, Ariana Grande is now engaged to real estate agent Dalton Gomez. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will soon marry his high school sweetheart, fitness trainer Brittany Matthews. Fans also suspect it’s only a matter of time before Halsey ties the knot with screenwriter Alev Aydin. Yay, normal people! From accountants to hairdressers to engineers, here are some of the non-famous folks who have managed to win the hearts of Hollywood’s biggest stars over the years. If you’re looking to snag a celeb, then their love stories may just give you some inspo.

Kevin Jonas & Danielle Jonas

Before the Jonas Brothers’ self-titled second studio album shot them into superstardom, Danielle Deleasa was a hairdresser living with her family in Denville, New Jersey, who met Kevin Jonas while both were vacationing in the Bahamas in May 2007. According to People, Kevin spotted Danielle walking down the beach wearing a flower in her hair, and he was instantly smitten. The future Mrs. Jonas contemplated whether hanging out with Kevin rather than her family (who she was there with) was worth her time. "I didn’t know who the Jonas Brothers were," she admitted to People in July 2009.

Luckily, it seems like she made the right call. Just a little more than two years after they first met, the pop star popped the question, and by the end of 2009, they were married. The couple is still totally loved-up after more than a decade of marriage and share two daughters together.

Jordan Fisher & Ellie Woods

Actor Jordan Fisher first met his future wife Ellie Woods when he was still a teenager living in Birmingham, Alabama. The two attended the same theater conservatory, and they were "best friends for over a decade" before they started dating, as Fisher told Us Weekly during a June 2019 interview. When they first became an item in 2017, Woods was a student at the University of Alabama studying clinical dietetics, while Fisher was a full-blown Disney Channel star. However, their long-standing connection kept them close, despite leading very different lives.

"We grew up in a theater conservatory together, so she knows and respects and loves art and loves what I do and has been part of my career and my journey since the beginning," Fisher explained to Us Weekly during his June 2019 interview. After just about three years together and many years of friendship, Fisher and Woods tied the knot in November 2020.

John Cena & Shay Shariatzadeh

Following his split with Nikki Bella, John Cena found love again at a restaurant in Vancouver, where he was instantly smitten with engineer Shay Shariatzadeh, who happened to be dining there at the same time. The two were first linked in March 2019, and after several months of quietly dating, Cena and Shariatzadeh made their red carpet debut in October 2019 at the Playing With Fire premiere, where Cena gushed about his GF. "What’s truly special about this one [movie] is that, no matter what projects I’m involved in in the future, this one will always have a special meaning because I got to film a special project and meet someone special," he told Entertainment Tonight.

Just about a year later in October 2020, sources for PWInsider reported Cena and Shariatzadeh secretly got married, and though the two have yet to comment on the wedding rumors, Cena’s ex Bella seemingly confirmed the marriage by congratulating the couple.

Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian

While having brunch with friends at a hotel in Rome ahead of her first match in the Italian Open in May 2015, tennis legend Serena Williams unexpectedly met her future husband, entrepreneur and investor Alexis Ohanian. Though there were plenty of other tables to choose from, Ohanian apparently chose to sit right next to Williams and her group of friends. As she recounted to Vanity Fair in June 2017, "This big guy comes and he just plops down at the table next to us, and I’m like, ‘Huh! All these tables and he’s sitting here?’"

Williams ended up inviting the co-founder and former executive chairman of Reddit to join their table, and the two decided to exchange numbers. By December 2016, Ohanian had proposed, and by the following year, they were married and had welcomed their daughter.

Chance The Rapper & Kirsten Corley

In a March 2019 tweet, Chance The Rapper revealed how he first met Kirsten Corley at their parents’ office party back in 2003 when they were both nine years old. Apparently, he saw her performing a dance routine to a Destiny’s Child song and "knew [he] was gonna marry that girl."

Though it’s unclear how they reconnected, Chance found a way back to the former model and real estate agent about a decade later. During an interview for Oyster‘s September 2013 issue, Chance claimed he and Corley had already been dating for "years and years and years," though his manager, Pat Corcoran, corrected him to say they’d only been dating for six months. "Tomato, tomahto," Chance jokingly replied. The childhood sweethearts tied the knot in March 2019 and share two daughters.

Karlie Kloss & Josh Kushner

Though his brother is well known as the senior advisor to Former President Donald Trump, businessman Joshua Kushner lives a far more private life… save for his marriage to a celebrity. Model Karlie Kloss was a rising star when she crossed paths with the venture capitalist back in June 2012. Though it’s unclear how they first met, it’s clear that Kloss was smitten from the start. As she told Metro during a February 2014 interview, "I was definitely not planning on falling in love. But I think that’s the thing about it — you can’t anticipate or plan it."

After more than six years together, the couple tied the knot in October 2018, and they welcomed their first baby together in March 2021.

Billy Porter & Adam Smith

Billy Porter’s romance with luxury eyewear brand owner Adam Smith began at a mutual friend’s dinner party in February 2009, shortly after Smith moved to New York City from Los Angeles. Porter was a Broadway performer at the time but had yet to land his breakout role in Kinky Boots. The two hit it off and started dating right away, but things fizzled out after a year, and it wasn’t until 2015 that they gave their love a second try.

"It had been marinating within me, my love for him and figuring it out and coming to terms with it, over the years," Smith recalled to People in January 2017. "So I knew that it was on me if I wanted to ever change anything, I would have to be the first one to approach the subject." The pair has been married for over four years now, and they’re still going strong.

Ed Sheeran & Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn first crossed paths as students at Thomas Mills High School in Suffolk, England, where they were friendly but never more than friends. Sheeran ended up dropping out of school at 16 to pursue music, but in 2015, he and Seaborn reconnected in New York City, where Seaborn was working as a consultant at an accounting firm. "She worked on Wall Street in New York, and I had like six shows. It was around then, and we reconnected," Sheeran explained to People in March 2017.

According to Sheeran, finding a partner outside of the entertainment industry was the right move for him. As he explained to in October 2017, "I actually always thought I’d end up dating like an actress or something, someone in the industry. But I don’t think I’m that kind of person. I’m a hometown boy." He and Seaborn secretly married in 2018, and they welcomed their first child together less than two years later.

Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney

According to Page Six, Jennifer Lawrence first her future husband, art gallery director Cooke Maroney, through mutual friends, and they began quietly dating in May 2018. Less than a year later in February 2019, reports emerged that Maroney popped the question, and a rep for Lawrence later confirmed the news.

Though the couple keeps their love on the down-low, Lawrence did tell Entertainment Tonight how she knew Maroney was "the one" back in June 2019. "Well, he’s just the best person I’ve ever met in my whole life," she said. "It was a very, very easy decision." By October 2019, Lawrence and Maroney were married.

Amy Schumer & Chris Fischer

After splitting with her actor boyfriend of two years, Ben Hanisch, in 2017, Amy Schumer found love again… this time with a professional chef. The comedian was introduced to Chris Fischer by Schumer’s personal assistant, Molly Fischer, who just so happens to be the chef’s sister. Sparks started flying between Schumer and Fischer when they teamed up planned a birthday party for her friend, comedian Rachel Feinstein, and realized how well they clicked. "I got that feeling where all the blood goes to all the places," Schumer explained during an April 2018 appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

After making sure Fischer’s sister was cool with it, the pair officially became an item, and by February 2018, they were married. Schumer and Fischer now share one son together.

Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni

Sex and the City fan fave Cynthia Nixon met her future wife, education activist Christine Marinoni, all the way back in 2001 while fighting for smaller class sizes in New York’s public school system. At the time, Marinoni was the director of New York’s Alliance for Quality Education, and she and Nixon developed a friendship. Eventually, in 2004, things turned romantic.

Nixon, who was previously married to schoolteacher Danny Mozes, told the Radio Times during a March 2017 interview that Marinoni is the first woman she’s ever dated. "I had never dated a woman before or even kissed a woman or anything, and so when we started seeing each other, Christine kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for me to panic about what this would mean — to my career or to myself — as if somehow I just hadn’t noticed that she was a woman," Nixon joked. In 2012, Nixon and Marinoni made things official by tying the knot and they now share one son together.

Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery

Meredith Grey has romanced her fair share on doctors on Grey’s Anatomy over the past 17 seasons but IRL, actor Ellen Pompeo only has one man in her life. She and her husband, former music producer Chris Ivery, grew up less than 10 miles away from each other outside of Boston, but they didn’t meet until 2003 in a Los Angeles grocery store. "We have a lot in common," Pompeo told People in December 2006. "We’re from the same hometown, almost."

The couple has now been married for over 13 years and share three children together. And though Ivery considers himself his wife’s "biggest fan," he doesn’t watch Grey’s for a relatable reason. "There was a time back in the day that I watched it a lot, but then I didn’t know if she had a lover," he told Us Weekly in February 2017. "I would say I’m not jealous; I’m really confident, but it’s awkward."

Kelly Rowland & Tim Weatherspoon

Former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland first met talent manager Tim Weatherspoon in 2009 after parting ways with her former manager, Matthew Knowles (a.k.a. Beyoncé’s dad). It’s unclear when exactly things turned romantic, but Rowland confirmed their romance and engagement at the same time during a December 2013 episode of The Queen Latifah Show. "It’s been a while," she said of their relationship. "We’ve kept it very, very low — for years, to be completely honest."

Six months later, the coupled got hitched, and they’ve since welcomed two sons together, though they’ve continued to keep their romance on the down-low.

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth

After divorcing fellow actor Ryan Phillippe in 2008, Reese Witherspoon started up a romance with a very different suitor. Witherspoon first met talent agent Jim Toth at a mutual friend’s party, where he swooped in to save her from a conversation with a drunken guest. "She loves that he’s not a celebrity," a source claimed to People back in May 2010 when she and Toth first started dating. "They’ve been left alone to get to know each other in a more private way."

By the end of 2010, the couple was engaged, and they’ve since been married for over a decade. Together they share one son.

Ashley Tisdale & Christopher French

Disney darling Ashley Tisdale first met music producer and composer Christopher French back in 2011 when they were introduced by mutual friends. For Tisdale, it was apparently love at first sight. "I think from the moment that him and I met, I just knew it," she told Ryan Seacrest during a December 2013 interview. "I was like, ‘OK, this is the guy,’ and he knew the same thing. It doesn’t get any better. I just can’t explain it."

The couple took a walk down the aisle in September 2014 after a whirlwind romance, and in March 2021, they welcomed their first daughter together.

Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley

Though Margot Robbie’s husband is also in the entertainment biz, you probably won’t ever see him in front of the camera. Film producer Tom Ackerley has been with the actor since 2014, and according to Robbie, they actually started off as roommates. "My husband and I were roommates before we were even dating, so I’m kind of living with my roommate and it’s awesome," she told Us Weekly in October 2017. "We lived with a bunch of people and now we’re just living [as] the two of us, so we feel very grown up now."

The couple quietly tied the knot in December 2016, and since then, the two have largely shied away from the spotlight.

Thank you, celeb spouses, for giving hope to normal people everyone.

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