A MUM has divided opinion after going on the same holiday for five years running.

She asked on Mumsnet if she was in the wrong after her husband wanted to go somewhere different on holiday.

She said: "So I'm creature of habit, we have been going back to the same place same hotel and even same room as it's the perfect location for the last 5 years.

"Looking to book for next year and hubby decides it would be nice to try somewhere new.

"This makes me anxious. I hate the unknown and I love that I know what is nearby where we usually stay, it has everything we need so I think why change it when we know we will have a good holiday there?

"Hubby said maybe time for a change this next holiday just to see what's out there, and that we've exhausted the area around the hotel we normally stay at.

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"I can see his point but I'm apprehensive to book somewhere completely new and not know what we are going to get, and I feel like I would be comparing to our usual hotel!"

Lots of people thought she should branch out and go somewhere different:

One person said: "FIVE TIMES! How boring. Come on mate."

Another wrote: "Going [to] the same place every year for 5 years would put me off going on holiday.

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A third agreed: "Every year for five years?! Christ. Do you not want to see more of the world?"

However, some people understand her reluctance.

Someone said: "We regularly go back to the same apartment, or at least the same very small location.

"Every year in fact. Like you, we like that we know what is nearby etc."

A second wrote: "I would personally hate going to the same place twice. Never mind 5 times. But your apprehension is also valid."

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