A FREQUENT flyer says he's worked out how to land seats on private jets for "free".

Doug Gollan revealed such spots on the luxury flights can cost £1,000s, but he's found a way to get them far cheaper than that.

The expert, who often compares private jets, said he's come across an app that he can nab free seats from whenever he likes.

The catch is flyers have to pay $1,000USD up front for the annual membership – but after that it costs nothing for each flight.

Doug, who is based in America, said he flew for "free" this week from West Palm Beach to Charleston, South Carolina.

He said it was "a flight that would have cost over $12,000".

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Doug explained the flights are "free" as they're empty legs – where the private jet has to go from one place to another to pick up passengers, but has no one on board in between.

He said the app he uses is called Vaunt.

The expert added: "You download the app and pay a $1,000 annual membership (so it's not quite free), but then you can fly on its empty legs at no additional cost."

Doug said the flights usually pop up two days in advance, but sometimes there is more notice.

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He continued: "The app also tells you in hours when the flight closes. At that point, you get a message if you have been awarded the trip.

"You have the entire airplane, so you can invite friends or people you want to be your friends."

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