A CLEVER man has revealed we’ve all been using ketchup bottles incorrectly for years. 

Jordan Howlett often uses his social media accounts to share insight on things the masses never knew about. 

And in one such video, he shared a clip of a man squeezing a ketchup bottle from the narrow sides before letting it go. 

The ketchup could then be seen freely spilling out before coming to a natural stop. 

Jordan then appeared on screen and said: “So that is very true actually.” 

He went on to claim that he wrote a paper on “ketchup bottle development” while he attended university. 

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“The original glass ketchup bottle was made in 1890,” he continued – which is a true fact. 

“But then they made a squeezable ketchup bottle in 1983, but it was still difficult to get ketchup out of the bottle.

“So they made what’s called an upside down container or a gravity container, which was in 2001 and that’s the one that you see right there.” 

He then relocated to his kitchen, where he got a plate out and a bottle of ketchup to demonstrate how it works. 

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TikTok user @jordan_the_stallion8 said that if you were to squeeze the bottle from the front, you “have to physically squeeze for it to come out”. 

However, if you squeeze the bottle from the sides and then release it, it will come out on its own for a short period of time.

He explained that “all the pressure is going to push out the ketchup on its own”. 

“Now this has to do with air pressure so after a while this won’t work, but it might work for the first couple of squeezes,” he added. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “If baffles me how companies spend millions of dollars on developing this kind of stuff and then TELL NO ONE!”

Another said: “I just did this and it kept going forever omg”.

A third added: “Now I’m using ketchup wrong?! Man I’m done with the internet”. 

While a fourth joked: “At this point I don’t even know if I’m breathing right,” followed by a laughing emoji. 

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