DISNEY World has a secret hotel room located in Cinderella's Castle which is so exclusive, you can only be invited to stay there.

Disney has revealed what the lucky guests experience while staying there on their TikTok account.

The Cinderella Suite was originally created for Walt Disney, who died before he could stay there.

Celebrities including Mariah Carey and Tom Cruise have stayed in the suite, with it also opened on rare occasions for competition winners.

It first opened in 2006 and was offered as a prize to lucky families until 2008, where it has remained off limits apart from a couple of competitions.

Rumours have even claimed that one family who offered $40,000 dollars to stay the night were declined.

The TikTok video has taken viewers into the suite which can sleep up to six people.

Inside the bedroom are two double four poster beds, with a C above them which actually stands for Prince Charming, not Cinderella – the narrator explains because it was "his place first".

The stained glass windows have scenes from the film, as well as an amazing view of the park.

Otherwise a TV in the centre of the suite plays the 1950 Cinderella film for guests who want to watch it all the way through – which transforms to a mirror when it is turned off.

The bathroom has two sinks and two chandeliers which "resemble the crown" along with a jacuzzi surrounded by three grand mosaics of the Cinderella story, each with 10,000 pieces.

The ceiling also has a fake sky night, as the "only place you can bathe under the stars in Disney World".

There is even a separate "throne room" where the toilet is found.

Any guests who are lucky enough to stay there are gifted a glass slipper replica from the film, which Cinderella leaves behind after the ball.

TikTok users were impressed with the room – one person wrote: "This is literally at the top of my dream list."

One person who was lucky enough to have stayed at the suite explained what it was like.

She wrote: "My mum won a vacation for us to stay there when I was 9 [and] it was the coolest thing ever. We still have the glass slipper with our last name engraved into it that they made for us.

"They even called us the royal family for the day and were escorted everywhere and got to go to the front of all the lines.

"They also made us a carriage made out of chocolate with strawberries.We got to eat with the princesses and got a photoshoot with Mickey Mouse."

She also said that they got a private tour of the park once it was closed with behind the scenes access.

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