A WOMAN has revealed how she always gets a good night sleep when she stays in a hotel room.

A Tiktok user, who uses the handle @neat.caroline, has shared a video with a trick to block out the light that often comes streaming through hotel room curtains when there's that annoying gap down the middle.

The tip is simple and requires no forward planning – all you need is a coat hanger.

She said: "Your shades or curtains don't close all the way? Use the clips from a hanger to keep them shut."

She then picks up a coat hanger with clips on – the kind you would use to hang up trousers or a skirt – and goes over to the window.

She pulls the curtains together and clips them, keeping them closed and stopping any light from coming in, then added: "Now you can sleep in."

She also shared two additional tips for hotel users.

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The first is how to charge your phone if you don't have any USB plug sockets, and the second is how to create a makeshift standing desk.

She said: "If you're low on outlets look in the back of your TV for an extra USB port."

She continued: "If you want to work but you don't want to sit at a desk, use your ironing board as a standing desk."

The video has been watched 167,000 times, with viewers impressed with the tips.

Meanwhile, a hotel receptionist has shared the annoying things guests say to her on a daily basis.

And if you're looking for safety advice, some ex-hotel workers have revealed what guests should never do as it risks their room being broken into.

When it comes to the hotel breakfast, a former hotel worker has warned guests to never eat the hot breakfast, especially the eggs and waffles.

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