A FLIGHT attendant has revealed lots of secrets of her job, including the three things cabin crew are banned from doing on a plane.

Barbie, 29, from Argentina, works for La Azafata and regularly goes viral for sharing her top travel tips and secrets on TikTok (@barbiebac.ok) with her three million followers.

Currently based in Turin, Italy, her jet-setting career has seen her go all over the world – but it's not always blue skies while working on board a commercial airline.

Now, she's revealed her top secrets, with her favourites including plane ticket discounts, hidden rooms and the things stewardesses are "forbidden" to do – such as chew gum and speak loudly.

"[We're not allowed] to receive tips, speak out loud between us, chew gum and run on the plane, as passengers will think that something is wrong," Barbie told NeedToKnow Online.

"On the plane, saying words such as: 'emergency', 'fire' or 'bomb' is forbidden, because many passengers may panic.

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"That's why we use special codes and it's mandatory to know them.

"We're also forbidden to watch movies or listen to music.

"[My favourite] secrets are special discounts for plane tickets, as sometimes we pay only 10 per cent of the ticket value.

"We have priority check-in and some planes have a secret room, where there are beds to rest during the flights.

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"We rest in the best hotels, usually five star, with a king-size bed and room service, of course.

"It's all paid by the airline you work for, as well as discounts in restaurants and hotels during your free time – just for being an air stewardess."

In a bid to share her knowledge, she decided to upload a video revealing the aforementioned "forbidden" secrets of a stewardess on TikTok – racking up 16 million views and over one million likes.

Users were left confused and shocked by the amount of restrictions, with many questioning what they're actually allowed to do.

“What do they do during the trip then?” One user wrote.

Another viewer added: “In the end it's worse than going to church,"

“In conclusion: they are prohibited,” someone else commented.

Another person added: “They can't run on the plane?”

"And if there is a bomb on the plane, how do they notify? with mime," one user wrote.

"Thank God they are not prohibited from walking," someone else commented.

Barbie also revealed that airplane lights aren't switched off for passengers to get a good night's rest and are instead, for a very important reason.

She added: "Actually, cabin lights are turned off so passengers get used to the dark in case of an emergency or evacuation.

"If you evacuate the plane in the middle of the night, your eyes must be prepared.

"During long flights, flight attendants and pilots must have breaks for resting and the secret [rest] rooms are behind a secret door either on the ceiling, floor or wall.

"The room is out of sight of passengers and is called 'crew rest.'

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"In small planes, like the ones I used to fly, there are no beds – if we have to rest, we do it on passenger seats, but not next to them.

"We have seats specifically reserved for us."

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