TOURISTS are being warned not to wear skirts at a new attraction due to fears they could be upskirted.

The new Summit One Vanderbilt attraction in New York has glass windows, walls and floors to offer some of the best views of the city.

The 1,401ft tower has three exhibits, with Air having reflective, mirrored floors.

However, they have since issued a warning for tourists to make sure they are covered up to prevent anyone below being able to see up their clothing.

The website warns: "Due to the nature of the space and presence of reflective and transparent flooring materials, we recommend wearing pants, shorts, or tights to enjoy the full SUMMIT experience.

"Guests who are concerned about unwanted exposure as a result of the mirrored floors and ceilings are responsible for dressing in a manner to avoid such exposure."

According to USA Today, the attractions offers guests black shorts if they forget and feel uncomfortable while visiting.

Guests can ask for the complimentary shorts on arrival.

They also add that there is a "non-reflective privacy path" that guests can walk on if they feel uncomfortable.

The new attraction also has Ascent, the world’s largest exterior glass-floor elevators to the highest panoramic viewpoint in Midtown, and Levitation, two glass ledges suspended 1,063ft above ground.

Marc Holliday, chairman and CEO of SL Green – the project's developer – has hailed it as an "interactive experience" that gives tourists "the best, amplified views in all of New York City".

"Summit One Vanderbilt is awe inspiring, magical and needs to be experienced to be understood," he added.

"It is a special, thrilling place that New Yorkers and travelers from across the country and the world will want to visit time and time again."

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