HOLIDAYMAKERS have been warned about a new document they will need for travelling to major cities across Europe.

Spain, Italy and Portugal, among others, could refuse Brits entry under new rules from as early as this year.

They will now need to pay for a permit which gives them access to all EU nations.

It will cost seven euros and has been put in place to protect the boarders of the Schengen zone which includes all but four EU countries.

The new permits will be part of a system called the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS).

It expires after three years and applications can be made online from November this year.

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But, Brits have been warned they can be refused on certain grounds.

You may not be eligible if you don't possess a valid passport, if you are considered a "risk" or if your application is incomplete.

If you already have a Schengen Information System alert on your name, or you don't attend a mandatory interview you could also be denied.

However, most applications are set to be processed quickly and if you are refused there is an opportunity to appeal.

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Without this paperwork, dubbed the 'eurovisa', you could be denied entry at boarder control upon arriving for your holiday.

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