Chowa, a new, conceptual and creative platform has made its debut in tandem with Paris Fashion Week. The New York-based practice is dedicated to amalgamating century-old Japanese handicrafts with contemporary culture, people, and experiences, all conceptualized into monthly special releases that come packaged in a wooden box.

“Chowa mirrors my life story,” said founder Ray Suzuki. As Chowa is born from his experiences, Suzuki explained that he was mostly “Inspired by the pursuit of excellence found in Japanese handicrafts and bold ideas of creative communities in New York.”

Marking Chowa’s inauguration, Item #001, “Frames of Reference” was unveiled as the platform’s first drop. The limited-edition flip book comes encased in a custom Kiri-Bako-style box, composed of paulownia wood and crafted by artisans in Japan. Documented in the 640-page book is the process that goes behind the making of each and every one of Chowa’s boxes.

Alongside the central release, Chowa also released a selection of evergreen products under “The Standard Chowa Box Line.” The lineup includes The Chowa Team Tee, The Chowa Team Tote, and The Chowa Bandana, all packaged in Kiri-Bako boxes in varying sizes.

All aforementioned products are available via Chowa’s official website, with prices ranging from $35-125 USD across the site.

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