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On Wednesday, country duo SmithField is releasing their new song "Sunday Best" — their first single of the year about wanting both the happy and not-so-happy moments of a significant other. (And PEOPLE has its exclusive premiere!)

"'Sunday Best' encompasses everything we are as a duo. We write stories from our heart about real, genuine experiences, but from two perspectives," the duo — comprising Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder — tells PEOPLE. "This is a feel-good, mid-tempo that allows our fans and listeners to feel accepted and seen for who they truly are."

"We hope this song makes you think of the person you love every time you listen," they add.

Smith and Fielder's families have been connected for three generations and the two have known each other since they were 10 years old making their "musical bond and friendship really special." Smith had a rock band for some time, but after it broke up, a family member suggested he sing with Fielder, who had been singing at Oprys.

"We discovered in college that we had beautiful harmonies and wanted to chase our lifelong childhood dream together. Our Nashville journey has been one of perseverance. Lots of ups and downs, but lots of dreams coming true too, like hearing our songs on the radio and performing on the Grand Ole Opry stage!" the duo says. "We are excited to finally be in a brand new, elevated part of our musical journey that's been 8 and a half years in the making. "

As the two have been off the road over the past year, they kept in touch with their fans via social media. They even hosted a "Social Tour" where they'd team up with other artists to play live weekly shows to stay connected.

"I also became a new dog mom to a sweet boy named Chewie!" says Fielder. "I also got into cooking and trying out new recipes. Finally, I have always wanted to redecorate/remodel things in my little townhome to be more my style (boho/modern farmhouse)! The best part is that some of our road musician friends helped me do it all."

Meanwhile, Smith has gotten into the production side of music and learning how to record and mix.

"I produced a 'Reimagined' version of our song ''Hey Whiskey' this past October that we released. I've also been working on some acoustic versions of our new music as well!" he says. "It's been challenging at times, but I feel like it's made me a better artist and musician. I'm hoping to be involved in the production of some of our future projects!"

SmithField's "Sunday Best" is out Wednesday.

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