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Burnt out, Scorpio? I don’t blame you! Last month was an overwhelming cacophony of eclipse and retrogrades, and—in the midst of the already exhausting chaos that is 2021—you’re extra fatigued. Fortunately, the New Moon in Cancer on July 9 is an extremely auspicious lunation. With the Sun and Moon (collectively called “the luminaries”) linking up in this like-minded water sign, you’ll be inspired to expand your horizons through travel, philosophy, and exploration. Whether you’re navigating an epic adventure, going back to school, or doubling-down on your spiritual practice, this New Moon will invite you to broaden your scope. You’re ready to learn something new and—beneath this powerful, velvety sky—you’ll leave no stone unturned. How fabulous!

The vivid Sun moves into Leo’s domain on July 22, kicking off a brand new season. Leo energy illuminates the area of your chart associated with home and family. For the next few weeks, consider what it means to advocate for your needs in the domestic sector. How do you relate to your roommates, parents, or co-habitants? Are you doing your part to ensure that your shared environment is clean and comfortable? Alternatively, if you live alone, this is an excellent time to reimagine your dwelling. Whether your home needs a few more throw pillows, a fresh coat of paint, or a complete makeover, Leo season is the perfect time to invest in your nest. We love to see it!

The very next day, on July 23, the Full Moon in Aquarius will serve as a powerful reminder that your foundation corresponds with your career. During this electric lunation, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of not just what you want to achieve, but where you need to stand in order to reach new heights. Are you truly setting yourself up for success? There will actually be a second Full Moon in Aquarius next month (a “Blue Moon” on August 22), so this lunation is extra powerful. The truth is, Scorpio darling, that not everyone can move at your pace—but just because they can’t keep up doesn’t mean you should slow down. With the Sun and Moon working together, the sky is truly the limit. Be brave!

Finally, on July 28, Jupiter—the planet of luck and abundance—moves back into Aquarius, illuminating the area of your chart associated with legacy and reputation through December 28. The rest of 2021 is all about your professional growth, so this is time to shift into high-gear and take your pursuits to the next level. Of course, it’s important to manage your expectations: the monumental change you crave won’t happen overnight, but that’s exactly the point. Jupiter is inviting major transformation, so when in doubt, focus on simply putting one foot in front of the other. Through focus, dedication, and hard work, you can guarantee that this year will go out with a bang…or should I say, a pop. Whether you’re getting a promotion or launching your own business, the champagne will be flowing! Cheers!

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