Instagram is often full of toned influencers flaunting their preened ‘beach bodies.’

This can leave many people feeling insecure – especially around Christmas when we like to indulge in sweet treats.

So if you're feeling sad while scrolling through your feeds, body positive influencer Victoria Garrick is here to help.

She has taken to her Instagram to remind her 353,000 followers that social media is not “real” as shows how she can change her figure in seconds.

The stunning blonde has claimed that people can often “manipulate and contort” their bodies – even without any photo editing.

In a recent video, Victoria can be seen in a cheeky blue bikini standing in front of a mirror.

After trying to take a snap of her new “super cute” swimwear to send to a friend, Victoria had the thought about how “easy” it is to change the shape of your body.

The American beauty then demonstrated how influencers can change their bodies with a few simple tricks.

Victoria first hikes her blue bikini bottoms up to her waist which gives her the illusion of a smaller middle.

She then breathes in until it “hurts” and sucks in her stomach.

Struggling to speak from sucking in, the influencer then stands on her tip-toes and leans to one side, and pushes her hip back to create a more hourglass figure.

She then relaxes and pulls the blue bottoms back down to her hips back to her “natural” shape which changes her figure instantly.

Victoria ended the video by slapping her relaxed belly and claimed: “What you are seeing is not always real.”

She warned her followers in the caption: “Consume social media with caution!

“Most of the time you’re seeing someone’s very posed, very calculated, and even very edited, 'best'."

Appreciative of Victoria’s post, many people fled to the comments to praise her for being so ‘real’.

One person commented: “Thanks for always keeping it REAL.”

Another user added: “Love the slap at the end!!! You are so inspirational and REAL!”

A third person voiced: “So much real-ness in this post. Wonderful message you are spreading. Positivity. Acceptance. Really wonderful.”

Someone else praised: “Yesss bring back the love for real bodies in their natural state! What could be more beautiful?”

As a fifth fan remarked: “You’re beautiful and real and I love what you have to offer in our universe!”

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