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A woman has revealed the mortifying moment she let rip a fart that stunk so bad during a spin class that the staff had to evacuate the entire gym.

Maxime shared her embarrassing encounter, whcih happened eight years ago, to her TikTok account @maximevdd and Instagram page @maximevdd.

She told her 158,000 followers: "This one time I went to a spin class after a night of heavy drinking and 4am kebabs.

"And I farted a fart that smelt so bad that a girl threw up.

"They had to evacuate the entire gym because they thought they had a sewage problem."

She didn't say anything at the time and hid it for years.

"I was just too embarrassed…so eight years later I am telling you guys," she added.

It was so gross that Maxime described it as if "my organs were rotting".

Her story has garnered more than 235,000 likes and thousands of comments with women sharing their own experiences.

One said: "I farted in class so bad that they made everyone check their shoes for dog s***. I laughed so hard I had to leave."

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"One time I tried to conceal a fart and realised it was super long and started counting and was able to reach 23," another wrote. "I'm as equally proud as I am ashamed."

A third woman said she farted in school when she was in her third grade and ended up blaming it on a group of boys who weirdly fought over the credit for it.

Maxime was also asked how she managed to keep it under wraps when she saw things spiral out of control.

She replied:"I was a lot younger and still in the 'girls don't fart' phase of my life.

"If this happened now though, I'd laugh so hard I'd probably s*** myself."

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