Just let go! Watch as gym bunny gets STUCK upside down while attempting dangerous TikTok mobility trend

  • Olivia Cormier, 21, from California, got in a twist during a TikTok video 
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A woman nearly got stuck upside down while attempting a dangerous TikTok mobility trend that saw her frantically attempting to swing her legs back over her head.

Olivia Cormier, 21, from California, was hoping to recreate the mobility trend she had seen on all over TikTok but ended up with one leg around her neck and struggling to get free.

Luckily, Olivia managed to capture the hilarious experience on camera but it’s clear from the look on her face and the frantic waggling of her foot she wasn’t sure she was going to make it out.

She explained: ‘I was trying to recreate a mobility trend I saw on TikTok at my local gym where I had to momentarily fight for my life to get out of that pose.’

Olivia Cormier was attempting to master a TikTok mobility trend but ended up getting herself in a twist as she got stuck upside down 

During the short clip, Olivia wrote over the top: ‘The moment when… You know you messed up.’

The video, which has already amassed 14.5 million views and more than two million likes, was flooded with messages from people.

‘Nooo my heart just skipped a beat,’ one person wrote after watching Olivia’s TikTok.

To which the gym bunny replied: ‘Mine skipped like 12!’

Many were overcome by the clip, with one writing, ‘IM DEAD,’ and another adding ‘IM LAUGHING SO HARD’.

A fourth person joked: ‘Imagine seeing a security camera view of this’.

Someone else who found it too funny not to comment, wrote: ‘I shouldn’t have laughed… but I did.’

Many viewers were confused as to why Olivia didn’t just let go of the bar because she wasn’t that far off the ground, but others rushed to her defense.

One person argued: ‘To all those saying “just let go” it’s not that easy’.

While another TikTok user reasoned: ‘I would’ve attempted a Spider Man landing and probably would’ve failed horribly.’

Despite not being very far off the ground if she had let go Olivia could have really hurt herself. 

A lesson learned to always have a spotter at the gym and always keep your phone recording when attempting TikTok trends.

You shouldn’t laugh but Olivia’s face is a picture as she realises she’s stuck in a very awkward position and it’s all been captured on video

Poor Olivia desperately tries to get her leg over her head so she can bring her other foot down to safety but the swing is pretty tough

Thankfully Olivia is able to pull herself out of the move and back on to earth – she probably won’t be attempting that again in a hurry!

The 21-year-old came down to earth with a bump but must be relieved not to have suffered any long-lasting injuries 

It’s not just attempting TikTok trends in the gym that can cause injuries, one woman from the UK revealed how she broke her nose by singing!

Earlier this month, Madison Ringshaw, 19, from Southend, decided to film herself miming along to the song Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine.

After rolling around on the floor, the teen then ran back in the direction where she had started the video.

But while trying to outrun her friend who was filming, Madison fell flat on her face on the tarmac.

Although she immediately noticed that her nose was bleeding, the TikToker didn’t let this stand in the way of her completing her video.

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