Tyler The Creator is known to lavishly treat himself to the finer things in life, and this time, he truly went all out.  On the heels of the release of his brand new album titled, Call Me If You Get Lost, he decided now was the time to celebrate, and he did so without any hesitation. The artist took it upon himself to pre-order some very expensive bling, and customized a brand new $500,00 chain and pendant. TMZ reports that this took a lot of time to produce and custom design, and Tyler is now sitting back with his brand new jewels, as the world soaks up the sounds of his hard-hitting new album.

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Celebrities are known to lead luxurious lifestyles, and they have more than enough money to buy anything their hearts desire. Tyler The Creator just took this mindset to a whole new level, by customizing a chain and pendant like no other. The jewelry piece is dripping with diamonds and sparkles as far as they eye can see.

He didn’t hesitate to task famed jeweler Alex Moss, who says he has been working on this piece for a solid 7 months now. In fact, he reveals that the diamonds requested by Tyler The Creator were so rare and so hard to find, that it took him a whopping 4 months just to source them and get them in his possession.

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The pendant features diamonds in clear white, gold, blue and pink. The colored diamonds are perfectly assembled to create the visual effect of a bellhop carrying  a suitcase in each hand. Tyler The Creator is said to have worked on the design with Alex Moss, who then went on to tweak it and provide stylistic suggestions that would be executable for the design of the expensive piece.

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Of course, all of this work contributed to the very expensive $500,000 price tag. TMZ revealed that; “the piece has more than 186 carats in diamonds, 60 carats in sapphires and a whopping 23,515 stones were hand-set!!!”

If that’s not impressive enough on its own, there’s one more tidbit fans should know about this very expensive gift that Tyler bought for himself, and this one is guaranteed to make anyone’s  jaw drop. The tiny little diamond suitcases… well, they actually open and close.

After spending half a million on the jewelry, Tyler The Creator still has not revealed what the meaning of the diamond belhop and suitcases is. He declared that he wants to keep that private.

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Sources: TMZ, Alex Moss

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