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    A racy model opened up about the brutal body shaming taunts that are hurled her way since she joined the industry.

    Former barista and barmaid Lana Foster turned to webcamming when she was 18, despite living with a chronic and incurable skin disease.

    Trolls have told her to “put her legs away” and that she “never washes” – and the young woman was even cruelly mocked by a former webcam boss before she quit the “vile” agency.

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    Lana was diagnosed with Prurigo nodularis as a teenager and it causes her skin, particularly her legs, to become entrenched with itchy scars, lesions and spots.

    But she is now sharing her experiences to show that beauty comes in all forms and to prove that models who flaunt their bodies on Instagram are not as perfect as they seem.

    Speaking to Daily Star, she said: “My skin is sensitive and it breaks out on my legs with these nodules that are really deep, they bleed heavily and then they scab over and scar and it started to cover the bottom half of my legs on both sides and I suffered bad with that.

    “It then spread up my legs and thighs and I have suffered with it since I was 14 and of course my body confidence is really low when I have my legs out because I am worried about what people are going to say.

    “I would cover my legs up a lot and I wore fishnets or thigh high things to really cover everything.”

    And speaking about the relentless trolling, she added: “I have had nasty comments and people have said nobody will ever work with me because of the scars.

    “I still get comments now saying ‘put your legs away’ or ‘you shouldn’t be a cam girl or be modelling with legs like that’.

    “When I do cam work some of the guys there are quite nasty and say ‘she looks like she never washes’ and that I will not get anywhere in life. Also, I was sent screenshots of my old boss saying nobody would want to work with me with scars and scabs all over my legs.”

    Lana has 40,000 followers on TikTok – and last year, she posted a candid video to discuss her condition to normalise people having skin problems.

    One responder wrote underneath: “I have struggled with Prurigo nodularis since I was seven. Thank you for sharing. I always feel so alone so thank you.”

    A second wrote: "You are beautiful inside and out, proud of you.” And a third added: “I feel so much more confident now, I’ve been struggling with it since I was born, thank you so much for doing your best to normalise this.”

    The model uses her platform to be a body positive advocate and she is now more comfortable baring her legs on camera, despite some negative reactions.

    Lana, who described earning a decent income from OnlyFans in recent months, has joined a new modelling agency who have supported her and she now takes mockery in her stride.

    “It has made me a lot more confident with who I am and it has made me feel that I can do so much more when it comes to my body and I shouldn’t be ashamed,” she added.

    “I am not really covering myself any more because at the end of the day it is not something that can be helped. It is not really being looked into by doctors and they don’t know what cures it.”

    And the saucy performer, who has worked with Babestation, is now determined to give people a more realistic reflection of the industry.

    She explained: “A lot of photoshop happens in modelling and people don’t realise that and you see all these cover girls in magazines and they are all just fake and not real.

    “Beauty is what you have and it is normal to have acne and scars and problems with your skin and girls in the industry are struggling because all these other women are showing off with Photoshop and having perfect skin and perfect teeth.

    “If you have a rare condition like me it’s not a problem and there are people out there who can help and support you. Your body is beautiful the way it is and you don’t need to change it.”

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