Chloe Madeley fuelled fans’ concerns last week when she was spotted on a night out without her wedding ring – as her relationship with husband James Haskell came under the microscope.

The couple had daughter Bodhi 14 months ago, but the switch to parenthood doesn’t seem to have slowed down James’ party lifestyle.

Now, a source tells OK! that 36-year-old Chloe has been left holding the baby and feeling “very alone” – as she turns to her parents, Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley and presenter-turned-author Judy Finnigan, for support.

“James loves Chloe but he also really loves going out. He always has done,” said the source. “In the past, when it was just the two of them, they would always work out together and go out together, but that dynamic changes when you have a baby.”

Personal trainer Chloe enjoyed a girls’ night out on 13 October and appeared to have ditched her wedding ring for the evening.

James had also hit the town the previous evening and was spotted having a cosy chat with a woman identified as Martine Bridge, who works in PR, outside celebrity hotspot Chiltern Firehouse. As snaps of James’ evening began to circulate, eyebrows were raised over how Chloe would be feeling.

With James, 38, embracing his late-night lifestyle, Chloe is looking to her parents for support. The source continues, “Chloe is leaning very heavily on her mum and dad. They’re very, very close and very supportive and they don’t want her to be unhappy.

"Her mum and dad are really involved in their lives together, especially since they became grandparents to Bodhi. They’re really hands-on.”

“Richard especially isn’t happy at all with the way James has been conducting himself – he’s going to be having words with him about his behaviour. As a father, he wants the best for his daughter and he won’t be afraid to make his feelings heard. Judy also lives and breathes for her children and you don’t want to mess with her when it comes to her kids.”

Famous for their 13-year presenting stint on This Morning, Richard and Judy have been married for 37 years. Chloe is undoubtedly hoping to create the same stability in her own marriage, after tying the knot with James in 2018. “They know what it’s like to be in the spotlight and have rumours circulating about their marriage,” said the source.

Since retiring from professional rugby in 2019, James has been focusing on developing his career as a DJ, meaning he’s often spending late nights performing. The source said, “James has been away quite a bit. He’s DJing, training and doing his podcast [The Good, The Bad And The Rugby with Mike Tindall and Alex Payne] so, in some ways, the baby coming hasn’t affected his life as much as Chloe’s.”

The former sportsman added to concerns last week when he took to social media to share a post about living a ”lonely life” with his 566,000 Instagram followers. James posted a video of his DJ set where he played a remix of All That She Wants by Ace Of Base – with the line “she lives a lonely life” playing on a loop. Captioning the clip, he wrote, “Live a lonely life!”

Chloe and James have made no secret of their bickering in the past, highlighting their tempestuous relationship in their ITV reality show Chloe Madeley: A Family Affair. Viewers have been taking a look into the couple’s daily routine as they navigate life as a family of three. However, it also shows Chloe and James clashing, with the latter often facing his wife’s wrath for his partying antics.

Recently opening up about their “biggest row ever”, which was caught on camera for the show, Chloe recalled arguing with James over X-rated snaps of women.

“It happened when he was in Ibiza and posted photos of other girls’ asses. My argument was, ‘I don’t mind that that is your job but I don’t want you putting it on social media when everyone knows I’m your wife’,” she said.

While the couple can brush off minor rifts, Chloe isn’t one to stand aside as rumours circulate about the state of her relationship. Talking of her strong-natured personality, our source claimed, “Chloe is a very headstrong person and she knows her own mind. She’s very upset and also furious with James. She has got her mum’s stubborn streak so she won’t be walked over.”

In what appeared a bid to explain his behaviour, James recently spoke about how he was raised in a “masculine” environment, which often saw women regarded as objects.

“I went to an all-boys prep school, all-boys boarding school and was around 25 men every year for 19 and a half seasons,” James said during an interview with website Unfiltered.

“Truthfully, I think what other exposure do you have to women other than as sex objects? You may have female teachers and a strong mother, but otherwise you’re not exposed to it in any other way, shape or form. So there’s always going to be objectification.”

Explaining that he would never put his daughter through a similar experience, he added that he won’t send Bodhi to
a same-sex school.

While he went on to offer assurances he has broadened his horizons over time, James still has strong views on how a man should act.

He said, “Could we be better? Yes. But is being a strong man a problem? No, I think it’s absolutely not. I think being prepared to be angry when you need to be angry, being chivalrous when you need to be chivalrous, being loving when you need to be loving, not taking any s**t, being successful, being hardworking, being a hunter-gatherer is absolutely fine.”

Richard and Chloe’s reps were approached for a comment but did not respond.

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