First Lady Dr. Jill Biden looked stunning on Inauguration Day in a beautiful light-blue, tweed coat and matching dress that sparkled with Swarovski crystals, reminiscent of the shimmering stars that represent each and every state in the country.

As described by InStyle, the perfectly matching mask and gloves that completed the ensemble — by NYC-based designer Alexandra O’Neill of Markarian — wasn’t just chic and stylish, but held a deeper meaning on this historic day. Not only did it signify a return to featuring American designers to exclusively dress the First Lady, but as reported in InStyle, O’Neill explained that the ocean blue of the matching suit was specifically chosen to inspire “trust, confidence, and stability.” Those bedrock values are something every American, regardless of partisan opinion, is seeking after the turmoil of the Capitol riots and the rocky transition of power leading up to the inauguration.

O’Neill further detailed the matching dress, which was difficult to see under the First Lady’s beautiful tea-length coat, describing it as “tapered … with a chiffon bodice and scalloped skirt.” She added that the Swarovski crystals gracing the coat carried on to the dress and were combined with pearls to make a delicate and intricate floral pattern.

Dr. Jill Biden's fashion choices are a stark contrast to Melania Trump

Melania Trump, a former fashion model, preferred high-end European designers like Dolce & Gabana and Chanel — which she featured during her farewell with Donald Trump as they boarded Air Force One (via CNN). Dr. Jill Biden, on the other hand, chose an up-and-coming young American designer who has been linked to styling celebrities like Lizzo, Priyanka Chopra, and Kate Hudson, and is famous for her custom-made pieces.

In stark contrast to the former First Lady, who looked somber in an all-black suit, dark sunglasses, and her signature Louboutin heels, Jill Biden featured a more lighthearted, bright, and hopeful look. Perhaps Melania’s funeral-suited garb was a signal that she truly was in mourning — for the four years she spent in a position she didn’t seem to want, and as CNN reported, the lowest popularity rating for any First Lady at the end of her term.

With the new administration fully masked and following social distancing protocols, Trump and family looked very different as they departed Washington, D.C. As everyone on both sides of the political fray expected, they left without following Inaugural tradition, without masks, and without a positive message for America.

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