How to spot someone PRETENDING to be wealthy: Elegance coach reveals the 6 traits people use to appear richer than they are – including a perfect Instagram feed and showing off in conversation

  • School of Affluence founder Anna Bey shared traits of people faking wealth
  • Posting on YouTube, she listed showing off in conversation and fashion faux pas 
  • The vlogger also advised looking if person is inconsistent with their behaviour  

An elegance coach has shared the behaviour traits that reveal if someone is pretending to be rich – including showing off in conversation and wearing poor quality clothes.  

Anna Bey, who lives in London, has gained over 1 million subscribers on YouTube by offering self-help advice for those who want to improve their etiquette and move between social classes.

In her latest video, the Swedish-born ‘School of Affluence’ founder claims having a perfect Instagram feed, sucking up to other people and trying too hard with clothing can be a sign that someone is faking their wealth.

She also added that rich people are consistent with their behaviour and don’t act like a caricature.  

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Anna Bey (pictured) revealed the behavioral traits that reveal if someone is pretending to be rich in her latest YouTube video

Anna said people who are pretending to be rich can look like they are wearing a uniform while trying to overcompensate with their clothes.

She explained that Netflix’s Anna Delvy succeeded in infiltrating New York’s high society because she dressed ‘very understated’.

Anna said: ‘Don’t pay attention to how the actress dressed in the Netflix show. The real Anna Delvy actually didn’t dress that nice. She dressed very simple, although she still had designer labels.

‘She didn’t really try hard with her clothes to impress people, that is usual a secret language that tells when someone is real rich and just trying too hard and maybe faking it.’ 

Anna said those who are pretending to have wealth often try to overcompensate with their style, but a closer looks reveals the quality of their clothes is poor

Anna went on to explain that the quality of someone’s clothing can also give an insight into their wealth. 

She said: ‘Let’s say they might dress themselves up in a fancy looking suit, maybe a hat and some really cool leather shoes.

‘But then if you pause for a second and instead of just getting blinded by this whole outfit and you pay attention to the details, you realise that those buttons look very cheaply made and those shoes look very much of bad quality.

‘That stitching on the blazer looks very basic, that fabric looks like Fashion Nova.

‘People who are of legitimate wealth will often wear at least decent quality clothes unless they have really bad taste, which happens a lot as well.

‘But this is definitely something to pay attention to, it might not tell you the whole picture but it can give you a clue.’


Anna warned viewers to be skeptical of people who portray a perfect, luxury lifestyle on their Instagram feed. Pictured: The Tinder Swindler

The vlogger admitted that she’s suspicious of people who give the impression of having a perfectly luxurious lifestyle on Instagram.


Anna explained: ‘Appearance is incredibly stereotypical with the brands and clothes they wear, perhaps the brands they show on display.

‘It could also be the cars they drive and the jewellery they put on and their overall lifestyle.

‘Surely this doesn’t mean that all people who have stereotypical rich people behavior and appearance are fake rich, but there is a big chance that they might be so you need to be careful.


She said: ‘Of course there are many genuinely wealthy people who truly do have these Instagram feeds and really do have all these types of pictures.

‘But often times real wealthy people don’t want to put everything on such a display.

‘Take pictures of themselves on every corner, on every private jet and outside every private car and things like that.’ 


Anna said name dropping and boasting about lifestyle can be a sign that someone is pretending to have wealth.

She explained: ‘We’re back to overcompensating for something. This is such a big giveaway but surely it can be because someone is insecure.

‘But I’ve noticed that many times it’s someone who is trying to be someone that they are not that’s why they need to be yapping, yapping about everything they’ve got and it’s just so fake.’

Anna added that sucking up to other people is an indicator of being fake rich, although insecure wealthy people and those doing business might do it.

She said: ‘When people are just all over another person that is usually a little bit of a warning sign, it’s not normal for someone who also is positioning themselves as wealthy.’ 

Anna said people who are faking their wealth often name drop and boast about their lifestyle. Pictured right: Fake heiress Anna Delvy 


Anna said: ‘You will come across people who are very generous and that’s wonderful. 

‘But you will also meet people who come with all kinds of promises that they will never deliver on. They sprinkle these promises everywhere almost like to boost themselves and I’ve noticed this to be a common trait with people who are fake rich.

‘There’s so much theatricals around them but they never deliver.’

Anna explained that these types of people who often also avoid paying when the bill comes.

‘Sometimes there are these characters that come across as really very confident, like they have authority and I am the real deal but it’s interesting that when it comes to paying the bill either they go missing, forgot the card or they start haggling or they make a scene.

‘I understand there are people who are stingy, we do have a lot of really wealthy people who are stingy.

‘But we also have a lot of people who just pretend to be rich but when it’s time to pay they are nowhere to be seen.’ 


Anna (pictured) said people who are faking their wealth are usually inconsistent with their behaviour and only have one of the traits rich people have 

Anna ended the video explaining that people who are fake wealthy are likely to have only one of the traits of those who are truly wealth.

Anna said: ‘We need to look at multiple things and see how that paints a whole picture. If there is continuous inconsistency in that picture then maybe that can give you some clues that the person isn’t actually wealthy, they are just pretending to be someone who they are not.

‘A mistake I think people do is they look at something and they have a first impression then think ok it’s just like that.

‘But what you have to do is always observe and look into the details. People who are truly affluent they have some form of knowledge, class, education. They have some common behavioral traits that affluent people have.

‘Fake rich people usually just have one side of the package and often times want to show that particular side and nothing else.’ 

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