The common fashion mistakes you’re making: TV stylist reveals easy tips for looking great coming out of lockdown, including finding the right underwear and getting clothes tailored

  • Stylish Gemma Sheppard told FEMAIL common style mistakes everyone makes
  • Said that attention to details is key if you want to look chic and not look cheap 
  • Added that a designer bag or carefully picked accessory can elevate a basic look

Many people will be coming out of lockdown finding their clothes fit differently after having not shopped for a year.

And for those struggling to find their best looks, TV stylist Gemma Sheppard has revealed her simple her tips on how to always look sharp, and to avoid the mistakes that cheapen a look. 

Gemma, who helps people find a style that suits them on Channel 5’s Thursday makeover show 10 Years Younger in 10 Days told FEMAIL about the common mistakes we make that make people look worse. 

She said that in order to always look good, attention to detail was key, from getting rid of lint to ironing out creases in the fabric.

The celeb-stylist added that a good foundation was key in order to feel and look confident in your outfit.  

Here she tells FEMAIL the best way to style a new look,  from designer bags to statement jewellery.

TV stylist Gemma Sheppard has revealed her simple her tips on how to always look sharp, and to avoid the mistakes that cheapen a look.

1. Pick good underwear

Gemma said good underwear was the foundation you needed to feel confident in your clothes.

‘I always say that everything starts from your foundation. It doesn’t really matter whether we’re building a house or anything else,’ she said. 

‘When you’re getting dressed, it always starts with good underwear, good lingerie, it’s a real game changer,’ she added.  

‘Nine times out of then if you ask somebody: “When was the last time you had a bra fitting, they’ll say “oh, I know my size” and “I’ve never had a bra fitting in three plus years”,’ she added.  

‘With hormones and changes to the body, what happens is, your bust size changes and a great foundation layer is a big starting point. This is the bit that really starts the whole process,’ Gemma added.  

There are certain pieces that are always worth the investment, according to Gemma. 


‘Jackets will really make or break an outfit and it doesn’t matter what price range you’re looking at,’ Gemma said.  


‘If you buy a designer bag you really love,  the rest of your look can be very affordable,’ she said. 

‘Because you’re donning the beautiful handbag you just invested in, the rest of your look is instantly elevated,’ she added. 

T-shirts and leggings

Gemma advised to make sure the T-shirt and leggings you buy have enough elastic in order not to be see-through or reveal cellulite.  

‘There is nothing worst than thin leggings that demonstrate too much cellulite, because everybody wants to feel secure,’ Gemma said. 

‘When you’re buying, check the density of the fabric, check how much elastic is in it,’ she said. 


She said great suit were also a great investment because they offered a lot of ‘versatility’ 

Black dress 

‘It has the power to be dressed up or down. Add a biker jacket for va-va-vroom,’ she said. 


For Gemma, a pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple that is always worth the investment. 

‘I promise you there IS a pair that will fit and flatter you perfectly,’ she said.   

2. Fitting your clothes properly

The expert also said the way our clothes fit us are going to affect how sharp we look. 

She advised periodically going to the dry cleaner to have your clothes refitted to your style.  

‘I’ve never got a problem with raising something to my local dry cleaner to shorten a sleeve length, taking a bit more at the waist, chop a hem line, tightening it,’ she said. 

‘Often when people buy skirts, sometimes you just need to take in a bit more at the bottom so that it fits better,’ she said. 

‘It’s about looking at how we can adapt and reinvent,’ she added.

3. Update your suits and trousers

Gemma said that trousers length can go out of style, and that the same applies to blazers and jackets. 

She said it was a good idea to give them a chop or have them readjusted professionally to save you from buying a new one.  

‘Often, what really dates a suit are the trouser shape and so do the lapels,’ she said. 

‘You might have got an amazing suit, but suddenly the trouser length, that at the time you bought them, felt like they were cigarette trousers now are not cigarette trousers by the new standard,’ she said. 

She added the price of the garment was not an issue, but that it was the attention to detail that was going to ‘elevate the look.’    

4. Jewellery 

Wearing several pieces of statement jewellery can also fault an outfit, and so editing to a few eye-catching pieces is a good idea, Gemma said. 

‘There is so much advantage to the fact that the high street do stock all jewellery, accessories and bags. Many are taking huge inspiration to designer stores,’ she said. 

‘I believe everything is about less is more. For instance, if you got an incredible piece of statement jewellery, pair the rest back. You don’t need to do the statement earrings and the statement bracelet and statement necklace,’ she said. 

‘Make a necklace the statement and keep the rest simple and more minimal,’ she advised.  

5. Personalise your bags    

Bags are eye-catching parts of an outfit, and paying attention to them is a good way to stand out for the good reasons. 

‘If you buy a great tote bag, let’s say from Zara, and you want to give it some individuality, there’s nothing to stop you from tying a great vintage scarf around the handle,’ Gemma said. 

 ‘It will instantly make it feel totally unique and give a little spring element to it,’ she added.  

Gemma, who helps people find a style that suits them on Channel 5’s Thursday makeover show 10 Years Younger in 10 Days told FEMAIL about the common mistakes we make that make people look worse.

6. Sharpen your clothes 

Frumpy, aged clothes are one of the cardinal sins that will make you look cheap, Gemma said. 

This is why staying on top of your clothes and making sure they are in top shape is the best way to always stay sharp.  

‘The lint roller is every girl’s best friend, everybody should use one on their clothes before they leave the house,’ Gemma said.  

‘It just makes you look sharp and crisp ad it’s especially handy if you have animals at home or a bit of fluff,’ she added. 

When it comes to getting rid of creases, Gemma said a steamer would do wonders for a shirt.  

‘Well steamed or pressed garments will make that whole look come together with so much strength,’ she said. 

‘If you shake your clothes straight out of the machine, they’re gonna need minimal ironing,’ she advised. 

‘I don’t iron, I always steam, I feel it creates much less damage to clothes. I’m all about preventing damage on clothing. I like to maintain what I call “good wardrobe habits” and I think it gives longevity,’ she said. 

The celeb-stylist added that a good foundation was key in order to feel and look confident in your outfit.

7. Don’t mix gym wear brands

For active wear, Gemma said she preferred a colour block gym kits, which are available on the high street. 

She advised against mixing brands to keep a sharp look. 

‘The big no-no is to mix brands: you wouldn’t mix Nike and Adidas, for instance, that would look like you’ve not bothered,’ she said. 

8. Give jackets a new lease of life with buttons 

Even details in freshly bought clothes can cheapen an outfit. 

‘If you are buying new, and you’re buying affordable fashion, often, the buttons if they are plastic buttons can cheapen an outfit,’ Gemma said. 

But thankfully the stylist said there was a very easy solution to that problem. 

‘It’s very easy to buy vintage buttons on Etsy or eBay, and having vintage buttons in your cupboard means you can really quickly switch out buttons and make an entire garment look so much more expensive,’ Gemma said. 

‘And it’s incredible how that small attention to detail is huge,’ she added. 

9. Use a colour wash

When clothes start to lose their vibrant colours, they looked old. Gemma explained how continuing to look sharp is down to the care we put in our clothes.  

‘White clothes detergent has a bleaching agent that will bleach your denim, which means they’ll age quicker,’ Gemma revealed. 

‘If you turn your jeans inside out and use a colour wash, they’ll last a lot longer,’ she added. 

‘And people use tumble dryers way too much and that breaks elastane, which has that wrinkling effect in clothes and tends to make clothes actually look tired,’ she said. 

‘So I think it’s down to the care of our clothes, how we continue to look sharp,’ she concluded. 

10. How to deal with pesky bra straps

‘There’s nothing that cheapens an outfit more than the pesky bra strap,’ Gemma said.  

Thankfully, there are several solutions to avoid this problem.  

‘There are great ways to hide them within the seems of a top, especially a slim top,’ Gemma said. 

‘You can also buy these underwear kits where you can put a press at the back that you set at the right length and almost create a heart,’ she added. 

‘A lot of bras as well have removable straps, and if you can interchange them with a sheer silicon straps,’ she said. 

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