River Island shoppers have been racing to snap up a budget-friendly shopper bag after noticing it looks just like a much more expensive designer version.

The Brown Jacquard RI Monogram Shopper Bag, £39 here, has a cream background with brown monogrammed logos on a jacquard fabric, making it look just like the much costlier Michael Kors Monogram-Jacquard Tote Bag, £223 here (was £371).

Although Michael Kors bags aren’t quite as costly as some other designer handbags, splashing out more than £300 on a tote bag is definitely out of reach for most of us, which is why we’re always happy when we come across an affordable high street dupe.

Made from an almost identical fabric to the designer one, the River Island bag has a woven finish to it, with two faux leather grab top handles that are very similar to the designer version whose handles are made from 100% calf leather.

The Michael Kors bag also comes with an additional fabric shoulder strap which makes it more versatile, so you can change up how you wear it.

Although the additional strap might give the designer version a one up on the budget-friendly bag, both handbags also have a very similar design on the front, with leather details surrounding the front zip pocket on each one, with the high street version going one step further and including some faux leather corner details to give it a more luxurious, elevated look.

Aside from being a fantastic dupe at a tenth of the price of its luxury counterpart, the Brown Jacquard RI Monogram Shopper Bag, £39 here, is also an incredibly handy tote that’s perfect for taking everywhere from work to holidays thanks to its spacious size.

Measuring 33cm long, 42cm wide and 18cm high, you can fit plenty inside, including a small laptop or tablet for the office, or your towel, suncream and a book ready to hit the beach, and there’s even a popper fastening that helps keep it secure.

The bag comes in two different colourways, with an all black version featuring black monogrammed logo design, or a cream and brown combination.

Although the black version is now completely sold out, you can still get your hands on the brown variation, which gives you a much more similar look to the designer option.

The high street currently has plenty of dupes for designer handbags on the market, including the Mango Shopper Bag with Printed Logo, £49.99 here, which looks just like the £985 Goyard Tote Bag that’s been trending lately.

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