Salt Bae’s famous Nusr-Et steakhouse in Dubai is known for its pricey gold-covered steaks – with its gold tomahawk coming in at £850 alone.

However, one diner was shocked to receive a whopping £7,000 bill, even though he 'doesn't like steak'.

TikTok user Mitch, who goes by the handle @mitchthird, posted a video on the platform to show others his table's hefty receipt, which came to a whopping 31,475 Dirham (£7,051/$8,569).

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His order included one of Salt Bae's Golden Ottoman steak (£670/$816), two bottles of Bonnes Mares wine (£5,356/$6,528) and one sliced avocado (£16/$20).

A message at the end of the cheque, which had been circled, also explained that service charge had not been included.

As well as the receipt, the clip shows Salt Bae extravagantly serving up his signature gold-wrapped steak, which he sprinkles with salt dramatically in his trademark move that punters are paying for.

After a quick shot of some fancy-looking wine being poured into his glass, Mitch then cuts to the bill.

The TikToker, ‘who works as a business, mindset and manifestation coach’, said: “When you pay $31,000 to eat Salt Bae but don’t eat steak.”

In the caption, he added: “Note to self: Check red wine prices.”

Many others on the platform were equally as shocked by the prices, as one exclaimed: "I wouldn’t pay for that even if I was rich."

Another added: "I would bring my own avocado and water? Really like it’s made out of gold?"

While a third noted: "It’s the ‘service charge not included’ circled for me."

A fourth joked also that he 'could've just bought whole cows at that point', while another added: “Wait… What!! Nope nope nope. That’s beyond crazy and definitely a waste of a lot of money. You know what I could have done with that amount.”


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