A TIKTOK influencer with a phenomenal 6.5m followers, has piqued interest again with her latest video.

Scarlet May’s post has attracted a lot of interest and chatter with over 12k comments.

Sitting in her car, she explains to her viewers how she tackles the most basic of tasks with her super-long nails.

Her two-inch, chrome-painted talons are certainly impressive, but she gets asked the same question all the time.

“Everybody always asks me,” she says in her video, “how do you function with those long nails?”

Most tasks are doable, she says, but some are more tricky.

“I can do anything,” she says, “but I will admit there’s two things I cannot do.”

She goes on to explain what these are: “The first one I cannot open a canned drink, I just can’t do it.”

Her solution is practical and demonstrates how it works with unwieldy lengthy nails: “I just use my house keys. I probably shouldn’t but that’s how we do that.”

Next up is extracting bank cards: “Now the second thing is grabbing my card. Because when I’m at like the ATM/gas station or whatever it doesn’t work.”

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But she has a genius tool: “Like I have this. I got it from Amazon and it’s literally a card grabber.”

“But that’s literally it. I can do everything else just like you guys. Byee.”

Comments loved her tips.

“A small price to pay for having gorgeous nails,” said one.

Another loved her drinks solution: “OMG, the cans! Brilliant!”

Still struggles for others: “There’s just one thing I can’t do and it’s putting earrings or necklace on.”

There was a huge debate among the comments about Scarlet’s enthusiastic nail-clicking. It seems she was using sign language for the hard of hearing.

“I thought you were just really happy showing off your nails, but ur doing sign language,” said one.

How fantastic said many: “I like that you sign when you speak. That’s really cool.”

Finally, long fingernails are perfect for sign language. “Apparently, the longer your nails, the better you get at sign language.”

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