As we enter December, you’ll be seeing lights and decorations cropping up in homes.

There’s nothing more inviting than a Christmas wreath, and it’s a simple way to welcome in the season (and guests) without lights or wires.

The downside, though, is hanging them up.

The traditional way to put a wreath up involves hammering or drilling nails into your door, and while it works, that’s not an option for all of us.

Renters know that the prospect of a revoked tenancy deposit is anything but festive, not to mention the fact that you can’t drill into UPVC or metal.

Thankfully there are some neat solutions to put up a wreath damage-free, so you can show off your Christmas spirit and still put your door back to normal afterwards.

Here are the best ways to hang a wreath without nails or screws:

Use a wreath hook

Wreath hooks can be purchased fairly cheaply from most hardware or decorating stores.

The thin metal strip sits over the top of the door and can be removed in seconds. Look for one with cushioning to prevent scratches, too.

Try Command strips

Command picture hanging solutions are the saviour of any renter, but did you know they also do hooks?

Using the same technology as the standard strips, these stick steadfastly to a surface but can be carefully taken off with no damage.

The large sized Command Utility Hook holds up to 2.2kg in weight, so make sure your wreath isn’t too heavy to stay up.

Wrap your door

Ribbon isn’t just for gifts; it’s currently a trending home decor choice.

People across the country have been using large ribbons to ‘wrap’ their front door, making it look like a big wooden present.

Another bonus here is that you have a ready-made hanger for your wreath. As long as the bow is tied tightly enough it’ll be able to hold the weight of your garland.

Go magnetic

For those of you with metal doors, magnets are your best bet for wreaths.

Magnetic wreath hangers are available from wherever you get your Christmas decorations, and some models can hold up to three kilos.

Always check the weight limit for the solution you choose. A fallen wreath on your doorstep doesn’t quite say Christmas magic.

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