A postman shared his outrage this week after a family left a “rude” note stuck to their front door accusing the worker of pretending to deliver their parcels.

The postman found a handwritten poster stuck on the front door of one of his customer’s houses warning him to “not even think about” leaving an attempted delivery card.

We’re pretty sure the aggressive note was not the best way to go about the situation…

The letter read: “ Royal Mail. Don't even think about putting a card through the door without ringing the doorbell and pretending that the delivery was attempted but no one was in – as happened on Saturday.

“We were in all day and we'll be in today, Tuesday. RING THE BELL AND DELIVER THE PARCEL."

The postman was not happy with the note and so he posted it on a social media group filled with post workers saying he hopes the family "enjoy collecting their mail from the post office over Christmas."

Postmen and women alike were disgusted by the note and supported the anonymous bloke.

Some said the letter showed a “cheeky and awful attitude”.

Others laughed at the idea of a postman wanting to hold onto parcels longer than necessary.

A postman said: “Don't know about anyone else but I love carrying parcels around with me all day making my bag heavy.

"Why do people never think that it's actually much easier for us to get packets delivered and not have to take them back to the office."

The anonymous post said that he’d been doing his round for 10 years and this was the second time he’d faced such behaviour. He added that he would not deliver there again.

In the comments he said: [“I’m] not planning on delivering there in the future, it's the second time I've been spoken to like this along with the van share guy.

“[They] stopped tipping a few years ago after accusing one of us of theft and speaking to us like sh*t.

"It wasn't me [who left the attempted delivery note], probably a parcel driver but it's my delivery I've had for the last 10 years. [But it] would have been one of the parcels we left for someone else to do, either way it's aimed at us.

"On the positive side, I got a nice tip from one of the decent customers not long after."

According to the postman Royal Mail backed him and said he no longer had to deliver to them.

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He wrote: "[I've been] told not to deliver to them and ignore them for now until it gets looked into.

“I'll gladly stand in the p***ing rain and cold to write out a 739 for someone like that, they will never get off the naughty list as long as I'm on the duty.

"Any note left on door saying waiting for a Christmas present or passport leave with neighbour or some other place, no can do bud, enjoy your trip."

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "Every single item of mail is important to us. Our postmen and women work extremely hard to deliver to mail to customers across the country, six days a week, in all weathers.

"Thankfully the vast majority of items are securely delivered to customers, but if we believe a customer is not at home, we will attempt to deliver the item to a neighbour and leave a card.

"If we can't deliver to them, we'll leave a card and take the item back to the Customer Service Point where customers can either collect it or arrange a redelivery. We would advise anyone who has delivery concerns can contact the Royal Mail customer service team."

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