A woman revealed she can use her big boobs as a "treasure chest" – but her unusual party trick won't last long as she's planned a breast reduction.

Chloe went viral on TikTok as she shared that she can store items in between her baps.

But she will no longer be able to do so once she goes under the knife.

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The stunner racked up more than 700,000 views on the video where she managed to hold a variety of objects using her breasts.

She wrote: "Things I won't be able to do after my boob reduction."

In the popular clip, Chloe danced in her sister's kitchen as she revealed that she used her melons as a "hidden treasure chest".

Amazingly, she pulled a near full carton of milk that she had stored in between her boobs and then lugged out three bottles of toiletries.

Next up, Chloe revealed that she had a 2L water bottle stuffed underneath her top and wedged in her bosoms.

But the "hidden treasure chest" was not the only skill her hooters had.

Chloe then exposed another 'talent' of her breasts – "the master chef."

Instead of holding a saucepan with her hands, she expertly held onto the pot with one of her boobs and stirred the contents with a wooden spoon with her left hand.

The TikTok user can also hold a frying pan with her baps too!

Chloe branded her next trick the "dang I forgot my backpack" – as she revealed a laptop and textbooks from her cleavage.

It seems that she will be way ahead in her studies as for the last knockers 'hack'.

Chloe held her laptop with both breasts while she grasped a book with her hand.


However, Chloe shared that she would no longer have the skillset she has had since 2015.

"RIP Chloe's boobs 2015-2022", she wrote before getting her breast reduction.

"Don’t worry I washed the pot hehe."

Left in stitches at Chloe's unique talents, many people fled to the comments to praise her humour and congratulate her on the upcoming surgery.

One person commented: "Glad mine are gone! good luck queen!!"

Another user praised: "The talent."

While a third voiced: "This made me laugh way more than it should've."

Someone else said: "Congrats girl!!

"I’m getting mine this coming Tuesday and I cannot wait to never deal with this again."

Meanwhile, a fifth remarked: "This is amazing."


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