A woman has revealed how her upset stomach ruined her cosy night out when she was invited to her date's house for dinner.

Kennedy Eurich, from Pittsburgh, US, said she might never be able to recover from the embarrassing blunder as she shared the story to her viewers on TikTok.

The influencer said she wasn't feeling well but the man she was seeing at that time insisted he would make her soup if she came over to his place.

"I had this soup that this man made, oof, I shouldn't have done that, my stomach is too weak to be eating anything right now," Ken explains.

"So I'm squatting on his floor over a bucket and I fart. So I'm like 'Oh my god I nearly just s*** myself, I’m going to go to the bathroom.’

"And I come back, and he kicks something on the floor thinking it’s mud. That’s what he said.

"We all know where this story is going. It wasn’t mud – I straight up sharted on his floor."

Ken said the unfortunate incident didn't scare the "gentleman" away and he cleaned up the mess on the floor.

She stayed over for a night and the next morning, she woke up feeling great.

"I did my hair, my makeup and just before I could get home, I was sitting on his bed – we were laughing, horsing around – I'm wearing this cute Urban Outfitters one-piece with a little shorts," Ken continues.

"He hits me, and I kinda tooted when he hit me. I would love to tell you it's just an innocent toot or that's just a little shart.

"I full blown – this little tap made me full blown s*** myself, it's all through my pyjamas, all down my legs, all over this man's bed and on his wall."

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Ken smiles nervously, calling it a "embarrassing yet sick and twisted" incident.

Her fans were shocked and said it "just kept getting worse".

One praised Ken for being open sharing the story and another advised: "Never trust a fart."

Others were more concerned about her date and asked if he talked to her after, and Ken replied: "He called me after I left to tell me it's okay and not to stress about it."

"You have to marry him, what an angel," a third said.

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