An Instagram model has put her prized assets to good use for a sexy Valentine's Day snap.

Lissa Aires, who is originally from Argentina, hit headlines when she revealed she spent £40,000 on plastic surgery.

It was her mission to achieve the "biggest butt on OnlyFans", something she claims to have succeeded in.

Now putting her booty to good use, Lissa took advantage of Valentine's Day to shoot something special for her fans.

She decided to show off her booty in all its glory to mark the most romantic time of the year.

The model also took this opportunity to give fans some tips for shooting the best belfie (butt selfie).

In the saucy photo, Lissa can be seen lying on her bed putting her booty on display.

She even told her fans: "A belfie can also serve as a delicious invitation for your crush."

And if you're curious on how you can get the perfect booty selfie like Lissa, she gave some tips.

The model revealed: "You don't need to have lighting, a pose that values you the most is enough and of course have fun!"

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Previously, the content creator revealed she ditched her undies at the gym to "feel free".

Just last month, she drew attention by revealing that she trains without wearing any underwear in order to feel liberated.

Lissa trains on a daily basis to achieve her look and she does it all while going commando.

She said: "I wear comfortable shorts and leggings that have a sweat absorption system to help the skin to breathe."

The beauty added: "It is better for the resourcefulness and so it's not marked on the clothes."

Lissa enjoys training and completes a 2-hour session at the gym on a daily basis where she squats and does other bits.

She also revealed: "I really enjoy training. I have a 2-hour training routine at the gym. I do squats, and train to maintain my butt."

The OnlyFans model claims her booty has helped her to achieve many opportunities in life, like earning her first million in money.

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