A fitness model has showed off her gruelling leg workout to her fans in her quest to get "the world's biggest bum".

Vanessa Ataides, from Brazil, currently has a 49.6-inch derriere but it is still not enough for her as she wants to gain an extra 1.6 inches by the mid of March.

To put in perspective, this is around seven inches bigger than Kim Kardashian’s famous behind.

The 35-year-old influencer said she hopes her plump rear will help her win the "Concurso Musa Verao" (Summer Muse Contest) in the city of Rio de Janeiro on March 20.

To achieve her goal, Vanessa regularly posted workout videos on Instagram where she boasts more than 20,000 followers.

In one clip, she performs leg extensions with extra weights on a machine in a bid to grow her glutes to 130 centimetres (51.1 inches).

She flaunts her pumped butt and stretches her leg to strengthen the muscle around.

Vanessa focuses the training on her derriere including a frog lift exercise which she lies on a machine face-down and lifting her protruding butt upwards.

She told local media: "People look at me as if I'm not normal, but I like to draw attention. People comment among one another. I know it's impossible for me to go unnoticed."

She also said: "For those of you who like to criticise me, a little kiss on the shoulder. I don't care, I just pick out what's good.

"Whatever's bad, I throw in the rubbish. Kisses for all of you, my loves."

Vanessa has previously described her efforts to achieve the world's largest bum as an "addiction".

The record currently belongs to America's Mikel Ruffinelli, whose hips are 2.4 metres (8 feet) in circumference.

Swedish model Natasha Crown also holds an impressive record of an 80-inch bum with the help of plastic surgery.

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