An Instagram model is tired of relying on men – so she decided to marry herself instead.

Cris Galera used to think she needed to be in a relationship in order to be happy and avoid loneliness.

But after spending some time as a single lady, she realised she can stand on her own two feet.

The 33-year-old revealed: "I reached a point where I matured, I realised that I am a strong and determined woman.

“I was always afraid of being alone, but I realised that I needed to learn to feel good about myself.

“When that happened, I decided to celebrate it.”

Instead of being “disappointed” in not having a groom, Cris dressed up as a bride.

She posed in front of a Catholic church in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The model said: “I wanted to highlight my best features, my breasts. I wore a killer neckline.”

While Cris felt fantastic on her big day, she’s received hate comments from trolls.

Thankfully, she’s not letting these hold her back.

Cris added: "I decided that I would no longer read the hate comments. People's opinion will not change what I think or add anything to it.”

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Previously, the star revealed she wants to get a designer vagina.

Meanwhile, she recently wrote a message on her bum to encourage men to get vaccinated.

And in other news, Cris revealed boxing has made her “better in bed”.

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