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Pasta is sacred in Italy – and food purists get very offended when you dare to alter traditional recipes.

So it comes as no surprise that people were offended by a plate of "spaghetti and hot dogs".

A home cook boasted about his culinary creation on the popular Rate My Plate group, which he named "Spag Dogs".

The bloke, called Kye W, snapped a picture of their plate that consisted of plain spaghetti with pre-made hot dogs chopped up on top of it.

Within seconds hundreds of the group 2.5million users had flooded the comments with hilarious digs.

Users quickly said it would give Kye "the runs".

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Rushing to the comments a sea of critics shared their thoughts.

One wrote: "Interesting, one can see a lot of prep work went into making this dish, the excellent layering of strands of spaghetti over uncooked sausages excellent for a dose of the runs."

"Looks like something my 4 year daughter would rock up in her toy kitchen," said another.

Another wrote: "Looks like a freshly uncooked plate of bland crap. I'm sincerely sorry for your circumstances."

A third said: “You’ve just destroyed 60 million Italian hearts. What were you thinking?”

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One joked: "This looks like something i vacuumed up and got mixed with my wife’s hair and an old pepperami."

"My little granddaughter made something very similar to this in her mud kitchen.

"Well done Kye – you have matched the culinary skills of a nineteen month old," said another.

Others approached their comment with sarcasm: "You should be on MasterChef Kye with this beautiful creation."

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