A man shared a picture of his tattoo on Reddit to show why you should always think before you ink.

The anonymous bloke took to the Bad Tattoos forum to show off a design he had done on his arm.

He opted for a geometric pattern on his inner fore-arm – but the lines definitely weren’t as crisp as he was expecting.

Unfortunately for the Redditor, some thought the shape looked ruder than he intended.

One of the comments on the post, which garnered 650 upvotes, read: “I think it’s a penis cover-up.”

And another joked: “That’s a dangerous looking butt plug.”

Others were on hand to give the tattoo a good roasting too.

A Reddit user asked: “I’m sorry but, um, did you draw that on with a crayon?”

Another agreed: “Oh lord that looks like it was drawn on with one of those soft round tip dry erase markers.”

A third wrote: “Aw buddy. That looks like sharpie that's been through the laundry. Maybe some laser, then a coverup?”

And a fourth added: “Looks like it’s been drawn on with eyeliner pencil, lol.”

While everyone agreed that the execution of the inking wasn’t the best, some offered the Redditor words of reassurance.

One commenter wrote: “Hey don’t stress. I think there’s a charm to the rustic/primitive-quality tattoo, particularly when given on a certain occasion or by a person you are close too.

“You chose a timeless design, so lean into the archaic quality.”

A second pointed out: “It’s light enough to be covered up with something dark at least.”

And another said: “May be a p*ss poor tattoo, but a great and credible artist could not only fix that but take what's there and make it pretty cool.

“Would be limited obviously by designs and shape but you could still go abstract, biomech, colour or stick to shadings.

“Find someone who specialises in fixes/covers. Basically, don't feel bad it could be way worse.”

Grateful for the reassurance, the lad replied: “Hah thank you so much! I’ve definitely been looking at artists outside of where I live since the ones around my small town are not bad.

“But I don't wanna have to go over it again for a third go after.

“I’m thankful I just got some dumb random design rather than something thats supposed to have a lot of detail but… obviously doesn’t."

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